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The Ultimate Guide to Photographing Kids

with Gilmar Smith

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Photographing kids can be challenging. Join Gilmar to learn tips & tricks to conquer this challenge.


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Posted in 2022

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The Ultimate Guide To Photographing Kids

Photographing kids can be challenging on many levels. Join Gilmar Smith on set for a series of child-themed photoshoots as she shares her techniques and tricks for making connections and capturing each subject’s personality. Gilmar’s ultimate goal is incorporating a sense of wonder into her photographs to preserve that magical time of childhood. From working one-on-one with kids of various ages to a wild group photo shoot Gilmar walks you through each step of the shoot. At the end of the class Gilmar reviews her favorite photos from each shoot and demonstrates some of her post processing techniques.


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Meet Gilmar Smith

Gilmar Smith is a KelbyOne member, self-taught photographer, and Photoshop addict. Based in Orlando, Florida, she specializes in creative portraiture and Photoshop composites. In 2011, she discovered her passion for photography and has learned everything about lighting, posing, Photoshop, and photography with her self-portraiture. She has two beautiful children, who are often subjects in her stunning images. In her spare time, this supermom is a racecar lover, Disney freak, and social media junkie. Through the ups and downs of life, Gilmar has used her self-portraiture as an outlet to express herself.

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