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Create Stunning Prints in Lightroom: with our—Free—guide

Ready to revolutionize your printing workflow?

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Discover The Magic of The Lightroom Printing Features

With Scott Kelby As Your Guide You'll Learn...

How to Add Text To Your Print Layouts

Easily customize print layouts by adding text, even pulling info embedded in photos.

How To Create Multi-photo Contact Sheets

Create posters, square grids, vertical grids, and even striking composites with 1 photo split into a vertical grid.

How to to Increase the Size Or Your Image

Utilize the Super Resolution feature for doubling image size without quality loss.

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This Photography eBook Is For You If:

  • You’re eager to learn how to print individual photos with precision and clarity, mastering the basics of printing in Adobe Lightroom.
  • You want to create dynamic multi-photo contact sheets to showcase your portfolio or projects effectively and professionally.
  • You’re interested in unlocking the flexibility of customizing print layouts to match your unique artistic vision and presentation style.
  • You’re looking to add personalized text elements to your print layouts, enhancing the storytelling aspect of your images.
  • You’re ready to streamline your printing workflow by mastering techniques for printing multiple photos on a single page, maximizing efficiency and space utilization in your projects.