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The Grid: Lindsay Adler - Episode 152

Lindsay Adler Joins Scott and RC to discuss the unique business dynamics of working for some of the nations top magazines. Lindsay also poses the question of "where is the line drawn when it comes to copying another photographers image?"

Previous Episodes

The Grid: Stuff That Will Make You Mad - Episode 151 (Duration 16:30)

RC joins Matt and Scott to have a round table discussion on when to be truthful when reviewing an amateur photographers work. Scott also shares his concerns over the dangers of doing street photography.

The Grid: Blind Critiques - Episode 150 (Duration 18:45)

Scott and Matt Review a panel of photographs sent in by Grid viewers and offer their professional opinions and tips on how they can be improved upon. Scott also discusses Facebook and how it can be used to follow Photographers more efficiently.

The Grid: Russell Brown and John Nack - Episode 149 (Duration 18:39)

John Nack checks in with Matt and Scott via Google Hangout to demonstrate Snap Feed's new web browser features and how to edit photos straight from your phone. Russell Brown stops by the studio to talk about aerial photography using quadcopters, as well as FAA guideline tips.

The Grid: Stacy Pearsall - Episode 148 (Duration 05:50)

Photographer and author Stacy Pearsall stops by the studio to talk with Scott and Matt about her work with veterans, as well as how she became a combat photographer in Iraq. Scott also discusses the new resource center that can be found on