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The Grid: Sports Photography with Elsa Garrison - Episode 156

Famed Getty Images sports photographer Elsa Garrison Stops by to talk to Matt and Scott about her experiences working at the World Cup in Brazil, NFL games, and many other sporting events.

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The Grid: Best of Blind Critiques: Peter Hurley - Episode 155 (Duration 28:57)

Scott and Matt are on assignment this week, so we are re-airing a fan favorite episode of Blind Critiques with special guest Peter Hurley. Enjoy!

The Grid: Blind Critiques - Episode 154 (Duration 14:53)

Scott and Matt Review a panel of photographs sent in by Grid viewers and offer their professional opinions and tips on how they can be improved upon.

The Grid: Why You Aren't Using HD Video on DSLR - Episode 153 (Duration 37:26)

Scott and RC demonstrate how to use the video editing feature in PhotoShop in under 5 minutes. Tony Corbell stops by to discuss group photography and lighting tips.

The Grid: Lindsay Adler - Episode 152 (Duration 13:47)

Lindsay Adler Joins Scott and RC to discuss the unique business dynamics of working for some of the nations top magazines. Lindsay also poses the question of "where is the line drawn when it comes to copying another photographers image?"