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Wellington, Wellington New Zealand (Pigeon Park)

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31 , Wellington, Wellington- New Zealand
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Date: Saturday, October 11, 2014

Time: 04:45pm - 07:00pm

Location Details: Pigeon Park (Te Aro Park)

After the walk, meet at: Mac's Brewbar, on Taranaki Wharf

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We will explore the obscure alleys and backstreets in central Wellington. At the end of the walk we will gather at Mac’s Brewbar on Taranaki Wharf (same place as last year) to compare images, tell tall stories, and (optionally) have food and drink. Remember that when we do this we shall be in NZ Daylight Saving Time.

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  • By Brian ( 0 )
  • to avoid confusion, the meeting point is oifficially called Te Aro Park

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  1. Brian says:

    Since the original final venue wanted a large cash deposit, I have booked us in to end at Mac’s Brewbar at the Taranaki Street wharf. It takes a hundred metres or so off the walk, but it was a pleasant venue at the end of last year’s walk

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