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5600 Woodley Avenue, Los Angeles, CA- United States
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Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time: 04:00pm - 06:30pm

Location Details: Meet in the parking area just past Wong Cricket Field.

After the walk, meet at: TBD

Photo Walk Description

The Sepulveda Wildlife Reserves is home to many birds – Egrets, Herons, Ducks, Canadian Geese, Cormorants, American Coots, plus rabbits and turtles (there may be more I haven ‘t seen). Level paths and easy walk. Carpooling is recommended. We’ll meet in the parking area from 4 to 4:30. Around 4:30 (or sooner if everyone is on time) we’ll take a short walk to the lake and from there you can explore the area.

Many birds and turtles rest on the island in the center of the lake. The ducks and coots are very used to humans and will probably swim up very close to you looking for food (PLEASE DON’T FEED THE WILDLIFE) A flock of Canadian Geese will probably make a noisy appearance around sundown.

Wear comfortable, sturdy walking shoes. You will be walking in the dirt (and possible shrubs), among trees and possibly uneven surfaces around the lake. There are built in concrete benches in areas on the west side of the lake for people who need to sit. Suggested items to bring: tripod, water, a camp chair (if you like) and a flashlight (just in case). This is a wilderness area, no close bathrooms or drinking fountains.

We will go to a nearby restaurant (TBD) afterward to share our adventures.

I just got accepted to do the walk this week so I’ll add more details this weekend!

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