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Dallas, TX United States (In front of Chipotle)

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Brian Anderson

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Meeting Location & Time

208 North Market Street, Dallas, TX- United States
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Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time: 10:00am - 02:00pm

Location Details: West End - Right in front of the Chipotle

After the walk, meet at: West End - Right in front of the Chipotle

Photo Walk Description

***** Guest walker – Ted Forbes from ‘The Art of Photography’ *****

This year our street photography experience is being enhanced by Ted Forbes. I invited him out as a guest walker and he graciously accepted. I am thrilled to have him out. Here is Ted’s bio if you don’t know who he is:



Ted hosts over a 115,000 subscribers (including myself) on YouTube with over 5.8 million views to date. His extensive knowledge of photography makes him the perfect choice for a guest walker and mentor for our walk. I will be posting more information about street photography to the site here soon to get you ready. Last year we had a top ten honorable mention for our walk for 2014 and I hope to have many more fantastic photos taken this year. I suspect the walk will fill up quickly so register as soon as possible and stay tuned for some more updates here and from Ted on his YouTube channel. Thanks!

Walker Photos

Below are all walker photos that have been uploaded and entered in the 2015 Photo Walk photo contest.

    Leader News & Updates

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  • Street photography videos you need to watch

    This video is hot off the presses from Ted Forbes and he will be with us Saturday. If you don’t know about John Free look him up :) Post these links into your browser and you are good to go.


    Well you know what, let me introduce you to John Free :)


    There are many more informative videos on YouTube. Just type in ‘street photography’ and you’ll see even more videos from John Free and others….



  • 8 Simple Street Photography Tips (taken from DigitalRev.com)

    As promised 8 tips you need to take with you this Saturday!

    1. Uninspiring location – if you are not finding your inspiration keep moving to find something that inspires you.
    2. Street photography stage fright – don’t be afraid to get out there and take the photos. Don’t be afraid to raise the camera and get the photo you are seeing.
    3. People realize you’re taking photos of them – Don’t act dodgy, don’t draw attention to yourself, be subtle/confident. Photograph as though you are taking a photo of something else, shoot from the chest or off the hip.
    4. Someone gets angry – apologize and delete photo. Understand the human being factor. Move on.
    5. People stop what they are doing when you are trying to get them in motion- Pre-focus and be where they are going to move
    6. Getting the Bresson “Decisive moment” (‘To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression.’ – Henri Cartier-Bresson) – Wait for a bit but don’t fantasize about a shot that’s not going to happen
    7. Worrying about “getting the shot” – Do not worry about a single shot, don’t ‘chimp,’ try to take more photos as you look for the “good” one. In the ‘day’ street photographers might use one roll for a scene they were looking for and pick the best one. There was sort of an old rule of one keeper in 36 shots.
    8. Quick shot, bad exposure – You need to set your camera up for the way you see things when you’re shooting. For instance, you would use Aperture priority because that best suits the way you see things. You would be changing the ISO mostly to suit the lighting conditions. When in doubt about it you can switch to auto ISO and let the computer on a digital camera take it over for you. If you have film you’re ASA is decided by the roll so you need to be aware of it etc. Now for focusing – Typically, I will use the center focus point only. This can allow me to focus and then re-frame etc. For a really good DSLR you can just let it focus for you. For metering, you have to watch the light. You especially have to look at your backlight. You will always get into trouble regardless of the metering mode on a DSLR if the subject you are trying to shoot is backlit.

    There is no one single “way” to take street photos. There are only the ways you prepare yourself to execute it and deal with situations from moment to moment, while making it as smooth a process as possible.

  • The flickr group site is ready

    I have created our flickr site to upload all photos. You can only submit what you think your best photo is to this site. Please submit all your photos to the flickr site first so the group can provide feedback, and then if the feedback is really great on a particular photo then submit that photo here at 2048 pixels on the long side. I also recommend submitting it with no watermark. It has been my experience that the majority of photos submitted for the walk each year have no watermarks. However, it is still your option and choice to provide it if you want.




  • Status of our walk

    Update – there are 12 people so far on the waiting list for this walk. I tried to open another walk at the same location but they want to keep it at 50 people per walk. If you’re not registered you will not be able to compete for the grand prize. I want to thank each and every one of you for signing up. If you know you’re not going to make it at this time please let me know or drop your registration. This will let people on the list get in.

    Ted and I are busy getting ready for the walk rain or shine. So far the weather looks good for next weekend. Get your cameras ready :)

    I will be posting some youtube videos on street photography this weekend to the site for you to watch. I will also be posting the flicker location that all of your photos from the walk can go into and be voted on by our group before Ted picks the final photo for our walk

    Thanks again!


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