Welcome to KelbyOne!

Q&A with Scott Kelby, CEO & CoFounder of Kelby Media Group.

Q. If I’m already a member of NAPP or Kelby Training, is there an extra charge for all this new stuff?
A. Nope — you just get it all now that we’ve become KelbyOne.

Q. I’m already a NAPP member, what does this mean for me?
A. It means your membership just got a whole lot better (even though that’s terribly bad grammar, which is probably why we employ so many editors, but clearly none of them were allowed to read this Q&A). You now get access to the entire library of Kelby Training’s online classes. All of them. Literally thousand of videos, hundreds of full-length classes. You get it all!

Q. If I’m already a Kelby Training subscriber, what does this mean for me?
A. Your world of learning just got a whole lot bigger and better. It means you now also have all of the benefits of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals rolled into your membership, but at no extra cost to you. Plus you get a subscription to the award-winning Photoshop User magazine and access to a fun, inspiring community of creatives just like you. Lots more stuff at the same price. It’s a mountain of training, and you get it all.

Q. So, if I’m already a NAPP member, how much will it cost when it’s time to renew my membership?
A. You’re covered because we’re “grandfathering you in” at NAPP’s original renewal price. Since back in the 1990s, NAPP membership has always been just $99, and so if you’re a NAPP member, you can renew your KelbyOne membership for that same $99 (even though the full price is $249). Best of all, your renewal rate stays the same, as long as you don’t leave KelbyOne. If you leave, and then decide to come back at some time in the future, you’d have to join from scratch at the new price of $249, so in short…don’t leave. You’ve got a killer deal as long as you stay current with your membership.

Q. But what if I’m a Kelby Training Subscriber?
A. You’re grandfathered in too! A Kelby Training membership and renewal has been $199 for years, and thankfully that’s not going to change for you — as long as you remain a KelbyOne member. If you leave, and then decide to come back at some later time, you’d have to join from scratch at the new price of $249, so stay up-to-date and you’re locked in at the old price.

Q. What if I have both?
A. You can renew at whichever membership you had first. So, if you were a NAPP member, and you later joined Kelby Training, you can renew at the NAPP price. If you joined Kelby Training first, then you’d renew at the Kelby Training price.

Q. You really want me to stay as a member, don’t you?
A. Are you kidding? Absolutely! So much so, that we just doubled all your member benefits without raising your cost. We really, really want you with us, and there’s a lot more great stuff coming, starting as soon as Feb 1st.

Q. What can I expect from KelbyOne in 2014?
A. Lots of amazing new classes, including more classes on shooting and editing DSLR video, lots more training for graphics programs like Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, Dreamweaver and more. Along with the most amazing photography classes we’ve ever produced. More classes from your favorite teachers (like Joe McNally, Jeremy Cowart, Moose Peterson, Joel Grimes, Lindsay Adler, and of course me and the “Photoshop Guys”), plus lots of amazing new classes from some instructors that will blow your mind!

Q. What does a brand new member pay?
A. It’s $25 per month, or they save $50 by choosing an Annual Subscription at just $249 and then they too can have it all.

Q. So does the NAPP member site roll over into the KelbyOne site now?
A. Absolutely! Right now, we’re still maintaining the NAPP site for our members convenience, but it’s all rolling over to KelbyOne. A lot of it is there already, but we’ve made lots of improvements.

Q. What else is new?
A. For our online classes, we now have a completely new, vastly updated player which makes watching the videos even better. Now you can watch our classes at 1.5x speed or even 2x speed. Also, you can pop out the viewer into a separate floating window, and just overall it’s a much better user experience than ever before.

Q. What about the App? When can we expect an update?
A. That’s up to Apple, but our newly redesigned iPad App is already at Apple awaiting their approval. As soon as they give it the thumbs up, we’ll release it. It’s much improved, and we’re already working on the next update to the App which will include the ability to download a class for offline viewing, so you can watch classes while you’re on a plane, or train, subway, etc. without a wifi connection. All good stuff.

Q. Will the magazine still be called “Photoshop User” magazine?
A. Yup. It’s still the same magazine, produced and written by the very same people.

Q. Will everybody now get all the NAPP member discounts?
A. Yup, we’re all in this together. KelbyOne will offer the same benefits offered previously from NAPP and KelbyTraining, but now it’s just one product at one price from one source. Yay!

Q. You seem pretty excited about this!
A. I really am, and this is just the beginning — the first step of what we have planned this year. For anyone who wants to learn Photoshop, Photography, Lightroom, Design, Video or Lighting, this is going to be an incredible journey for them. No matter how you like to learn, we’ve got you covered. Tomorrow, I’m the guest blogger and I’ll have more details behind how this all came together and our vision for the future, and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow to give it a quick read.

Q. OK, what’s the Website now?
A. It’s kelbyone.com

Q. Can I tell my friends about this and share it on social media?
A. We’d be best pals forever if you did. Thanks.

  1. Profile photo of Brian Rodgers Jr. "Digital Art that Rocks" Brian Rodgers Jr. "Digital Art that Rocks"

    Very happy about this change! This is definitely a sweet deal! I’ve been a Napp Member and Kelby Training subscriber since 2008, this makes things much simpler in the long-run. Any updates on an Android App? I know a while back Scott mentioned that Kelby Media was working with a developer. Any updates on that? Thanks again to everyone at Kelby Media! Looking forward to exploring the site. I know it will probably be a bit slow for a while, due to the overload of traffic.

    Web Error: When I’m logged into Chrome and sign in to Kelbyone.com the Youtube “Welcome to KelbyOne” video never goes away. It always stays right in the center of the screen no matter what page you’re on. It doesn’t do that in Safari though….Not sure why. You may want to get the web team to check that out.

    Thanks! Looking forward to a great 2014!

  2. Profile photo of Debbie Hartmann Debbie Hartmann

    Super, Super, Super Exciting! I am so happy I kept up my NAPP membership all these years! Thanks for making a great organization even better!

  3. Profile photo of aproudlove aproudlove

    Absolutely brilliant news – thanks for doing this and looking forward to the future :)

  4. Profile photo of Carol Pearl Carol Pearl

    Wow, this IS great, so glad I’m already a NAPP member, would love some photography lessons! What happens to my portfolio from the NAPP site, will that eventually be moved here? And will there continue to be contests? Thanks so much to everyone for all of this!

  5. Profile photo of nosaj2 nosaj2

    The new site looks great. I’m having a little trouble finding or sorting courses by instructor. Also looking forward to that android app.

  6. Profile photo of gspam1 gspam1

    I’ve been both a NAPP and Kelby Training subscriber for a few years and think this is excellent news. I’ve been frustrated moving back and forth between the sites before and hoped you would merge them someday. Awesome, thank you!

  7. Profile photo of JMHSPhoto JMHSPhoto

    Bit of a rough launch with server times, but all in all. A better way to reduce the costs at Kelby whilst still maintaining the quality we’ve had for years.

    I was so motivated.. I bought Frank’s book !

    Good luck guys with the roll-out.

  8. Profile photo of John Webb John Webb

    That is a great renewal deal Scott! True loyalty to your customers! Many thanks.

  9. Profile photo of kentmcpherson kentmcpherson

    What a great change! Thank you for access to the training content with my NAPP membership. Will make renewing my membership a no brainer!

  10. Profile photo of Steven Steven

    I think this is a great change. I have wondered a number of times why you didn’t combine these organizations into one place. We’ll done! I love the new site. I have been a member of both, NAPP first then Kelby Training. Now I can go to just one location for everything.

  11. Profile photo of David Matthews David Matthews

    Thanks for combining the sites. Unfortunately, while elegant, the color palette and typeface make the text very difficult to read. More contrast, please!!

  12. Profile photo of LAHorn LAHorn

    Phenomenal deal! Love that it’s all rolled up into one now and so thrilled that the price is STILL staying the same. You guys totally rock!!! Thank you!

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