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Sr. Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated





About Russell Brown

Russell Brown is an Emmy Award-winning instructor, and senior creative director at Adobe Systems Incorporated. He facilitates the exchange between digital designers and software developers that is so vital to product development at Adobe.

Russell's Courses

  • MainImage1_09.11.14_AerielPhotography
    Aerial Photography and Post Processing, with Russell Brown

    Up, up, and away with Russell Preston Brown, senior creative director at Adobe Systems and affectionately known as Dr. Brown, to learn all about aerial photography with remote… Learn more

  • MainImage1_09.11.14_AerielVideo
    Aerial Videography with Quad Copters, with Russell Brown and Aaron Grimes

    Russell and Aaron will share an incredible collection of tips and techniques for capturing and processing aerial video that have been taken with the latest in quad copter… Learn more

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