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Rick Sammon, a Canon Explorer of Light, has published 36 paper books, including Secrets of HDR Photography, Exploring the Light, and Digital Photography Secrets. Rick also has three apps on the iTunes store: Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet - an e-book that offers 24/7 access to Rick's best photo tips, tricks and techniques. Rick Sammon's Social Media Marketing for Photographers, a series of Quick Time movies that features Rick's tips on Social Media. Rick Sammon's Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mother Nature, a collection of Rick's favorite wildlife photographs accompanied by inspirational quotes. Mini-lessons on wildlife photography are also included, as well as quick Photoshop tips. Rick's book, Flying Flowers won the coveted Golden Light Award, and his book Hide and See Under the Sea won the Ben Franklin Award. Rick, who has photographed in almost 100 countries around the world, gives more than two-dozen photography workshops (including private workshops) and presentations around the world each year. Rick co-founded the Digital Photography Experience (www.dpexperience.com) with Juan Pons. DPE is on-line digital photography learning center that offers podcasts and articles - and more! Rick, who has been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame, is considered one of today's top digital -imaging experts, cutting through lots of Photoshop "speak," making it fun, easy and rewarding to work and play in the digital darkroom. When asked about his photo specialty, Rick says, "My specialty is not specializing." See www.ricksammon.com and www.dpexperience.com for more information.

Rick's Courses

  • rsammon_safari_750x422_1
    Capturing the Wild: Safari Photography, with Rick Sammon

    Join Rick Sammon, a Canon Explorer of Light, and discover tips, tricks, and techniques that can apply to anywhere your camera might take you. Rick draws on his… Learn more

  • art-photography-specialty-of-not-specializing-3
    The Art of Photography: The Specialty of Not Specializing, with Rick Sammon and Mia McCormick

    Join Mia McCormick for a fun and inspirational conversation with photographer and author Rick Sammon. Rick's positive attitude and love of photography has led him all over the… Learn more

  • light-main-element-every-photograph-3
    Light The Main Element in Every Photograph, with Rick Sammon

    No matter what kind of photography you are into, from black and white and wildlife to working in the studio, it's all about the light. Join Rick Sammon,… Learn more

  • composition-the-strongest-way-of-seeing-1
    Composition: The Strongest Way of Seeing, with Rick Sammon

    Composition - What is it? Learn to compose technically and emotionally with renowned photographer Rick Sammon. Take a trip around the world to explore what works and what… Learn more

  • sammon_5dmk2_1
    The Canon EOS 5D and 5D Mark II, with Rick Sammon

    Photographer and instructor Rick Sammon takes you on a tour of the Canon 5D and 5D Mark II digital SLR cameras. Learn more

  • sammon_40d50d_1
    The Canon 40D and 50D, with Rick Sammon

    Learn how to shoot these two Canon DSLRs like a professional with the advice of photographer and instructor Rick Sammon. Learn more

  • sammon_dslr_2
    Digital SLR Basics, with Rick Sammon

    New to digital SLR photography? Cool! In this class Rick shows you how use all those buttons and dials to fine-tune your pictures and to capture with your… Learn more

  • sammon_edp_1
    Exploring Digital Photography, with Rick Sammon

    We are actually thinking of calling this class Rick Sammon Live because it is basically the slide presentation Rick gives around the country and around the world. It… Learn more

  • sammon_bsop_1
    The Business Side of Photography, with Rick Sammon

    In this class, Rick shares his approach to this all-important side of photography, answering questions (interview style) from his workshop students and NAPP. And he should know! He… Learn more

  • rsammon_quickfix_3
    Photoshop Quick Tips, with Rick Sammon

    Learn how to turn your snapshots into great shots in Photoshop in minutes, actually in about 3 minutes or less! This fast-paced set of lessons is designed for… Learn more

  • sammon_location_1
    On Location Photography, with Rick Sammon

    In this video series photographer Rick Sammon goes through some location shoots around the Tampa Bay area. Learn more

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