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RC is an education and curriculum developer and a “Photoshop Guy” for KelbyOne. An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has 10+ years in the I.T. and ecommerce industries. RC spends his days developing content within the entire Adobe Creative Suite. RC has held training seminars in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. RC also writes columns for Photoshop User magazines.

RC's Courses

  • MainImage1_061914
    Print, Pack, and Ship Your Photos Like a Pro, with RC Concepcion and Dan Steinhardt

    In this age of primarily showing photos on electronic devices the printing of a photo has taken on greater significance and value. At some point every photographer will… Learn more

  • rc_prelude_1
    Getting Started with Prelude CC, with RC Concepcion

    Designers and Photographers can also benefit with Prelude by starting their video vision with the rough cut, and export the project to Premiere for Editors to continue.  In… Learn more

  • rc_audition_2
    Getting Started with Audition, with RC Concepcion

    Audition is a very powerful program to edit sound files and create textured composition of sound. In this class RC Concepcion goes over the nuts and bolts of… Learn more

  • rc_acrobat_1
    Getting Started with Acrobat CC, with RC Concepcion

    Acrobat is a tool that is used in every step of a creative artist's workflow. From generating forms for your clients, to adding a little bit of interactivity… Learn more

  • layer-masking-essentials-2
    Layer Masking Essentials, with RC Concepcion

    From retouching to exposure correction. Compositing to restoration. This foundational technique is seen everywhere, and your key to unlocking the full potential of the program. RC Concepcion goes… Learn more

  • RC_ZombieHDR3_750x422
    Exposing HDR, with RC Concepcion

    RC and crew went all out to shoot this one-of-a-kind photography course, showing off some of the newest, hottest, most sought-after HDR effects on the planet. He walks… Learn more

  • processing-hdr-with-photomatix-3
    Processing HDR with Photomatix, with RC Concepcion

    Photomatix is an industry leader in tone mapping software for creating HDR images. RC talks about how he combines using Photomatix with Photoshop to create an all-around workflow… Learn more

  • hdr-with-photoshop-cs6-1
    HDR with Photoshop CS6, with RC Concepcion

    RC shows you all the steps you need to know in processing your HDR image in Photoshop CS6. Learn more

  • photography-archive-storage-with-synology-1
    Photography Archive Storage with Synology, with RC Concepcion

    Creating a bomb-proof system for scalable long term storage and backup of important data is a challenge that all photographers have to overcome. Join RC as he shares… Learn more

  • processing-video-with-photoshop-cs6-1
    Processing Video with Photoshop CS6, with RC Concepcion

    RC Concepcion shows viewers the video-editing capabilities of Photoshop CS6 by taking them through a short video project. RC takes it from start to finish. Beginning with importing… Learn more

  • nikon_dslrs_1
    Camera Basics: Nikon DSLRs, with Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion

    This class is designed to accelerate your entry into DSLR photography with a focus on the fundamental skills and concepts you need to take your photography to the… Learn more

  • sony_dslrs_1
    Camera Basics: Sony DSLRs, with Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion

    This class is designed to accelerate your entry into DSLR photography with a focus on the fundamental skills and concepts you need to take your photography to the… Learn more

  • Accessories_SmallFlash_1
    Accessories Basics: Small Flash, with RC Concepcion

    Join RC Concepcion as he takes a deeper dive into the topic of using small flash. In this class he provides an overview of different types of speedlights,… Learn more

  • Accessories_MemoryStorage_1
    Accessories Basics: Memory & Storage, with RC Concepcion

    Join RC Concepcion as he takes a deeper dive into the topic of memory cards and data storage. In this class he provides an overview of different types… Learn more

  • Accessories_Exposures_1
    Accessories Basics: Exposure, with Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion

    If you are new to DSLR photography and want to dive a little deeper in your pursuit of learning more about exposure then this class is for you.… Learn more

  • Accessories_Modifiers_1
    Accessories Basics: Flash Modifiers, with RC Concepcion

    Learn more

  • Accessories_Reflectors_850x480
    Accessories Overview: Reflectors, with RC Concepcion

    Learn more

  • Accessories_Cleaning_1
    Accessories Basics: Camera Cleaning, with RC Concepcion

    Learn more

  • Accessories_Overview_1
    Accessories Basics: Overview, with RC Concepcion and Pete Collins

    Join RC Concepcion and Pete Collins as they break down the most important photography accessories you will need to take your photography to the next level. From tripods… Learn more

  • introducing-creative-cloud-2
    Introducing the Creative Cloud, with RC Concepcion

    Learn more

  • photoshop-cs6-bridge-1
    Photoshop CS6: Bridge, with RC Concepcion

    Learn more

  • photoshop-cs6-hdr-1
    Photoshop CS6: HDR, with RC Concepcion

    Photoshop is the program that some have come to know for finishing HDR Images but, more often than not, it's overlooked as the source of producing great HDR… Learn more

  • photoshop-cs6-automations-1
    Photoshop CS6: Automations, with RC Concepcion

    Learn how to automate common processes in Adobe Photoshop from creating actions and batch processing, to creating Droplets. This class will teach you how to use your time… Learn more

  • photoshop-cs6-video-3
    Photoshop CS6: Video, with RC Concepcion

    Photographers have recently started experimenting with creating video on their DSLR cameras. The only problem with this has been that no one really wants to go out and… Learn more

  • using-pen-tool-photoshop-2
    Using the Pen Tool in Photoshop, with RC Concepcion

    RC takes a focused look at one seemingly simple tool in Photoshop that can have a major impact on your work in many ways and in many more… Learn more

  • protecting-your-images-online-1
    Protecting Your Images Online, with RC Concepcion

    With the advent of social media and photo sharing sites came a whole new wave of image theft that is not going away any time soon. Join RC… Learn more

  • website-walkthrough-wordpress-start-finish-1
    Website Walkthrough Using WordPress: From Start to Finish, with RC Concepcion

    Building your own photography website does not have to be difficult or expensive in order to have one that looks really good. Join RC as he builds a… Learn more

  • getting-started-with-fotomoto-1
    Getting Started with Fotomoto, with RC Concepcion

    RC Concepcion has a recommendation for photographers who are looking for help selling their work online. The new Fotomoto e-commerce website allows visual artists to upload their work… Learn more

  • using-flickr-for-your-images-1
    Using Flickr For Your Images, with RC Concepcion

    Flickr is widely considered the de facto standard site for sharing your images online. Using Flickr will allow you to take your images to the places where people… Learn more

  • wordpress-3-photographers-new-features-2
    WordPress 3 for Photographers: New Features, with RC Concepcion

    Wordpress has quickly evolved into a powerful Content Management System. To that, there are some really exciting changes in the newest release, Wordpress 3. RC Concepcion goes over… Learn more

  • indesign-interactivity-1
    InDesign Interactivity, with RC Concepcion

    When working with images for a portfolio, you will invariably need to create a portfolio of your work. Chances are you will look at InDesign to make this… Learn more

  • configurator-2-customize-photoshop-cs5-3
    Configurator 2.0: Customize Your Photoshop CS5 Experience, with RC Concepcion

    Photoshop CS5 can be a very large program to get your head around. What if I told you that you can close all of the tools and panels… Learn more

  • portfolio-power-2
    Portfolio Power, with RC Concepcion

    Learn some quick techniques and strategies for getting your images on a portfolio on the web. This class presumes that you have some basic knowledge of FTP and… Learn more

  • illustrator-cs5-power-session-1
    Illustrator CS5 Power Session, with RC Concepcion

    Illustrator CS5 has gone through some major changes. From Beautiful Strokes, to being able to design in a 3D plane, Adobes flagship Illustration software really needs to be… Learn more

  • flash-catalyst-crash-course-1
    Flash Catalyst Crash Course, with RC Concepcion

    Many times, designers want to be able to put together online experiences without having to learn code. From small microsites, to add-ons to existing websites, the more engaging… Learn more

  • mastering-camera-raw-cs5-1
    Mastering Camera Raw in CS5, with RC Concepcion

    As a photographer, you have two options to take pictures; JPG and RAW. In both scenarios, you are going to need a consistent workflow for color correction, sharpness,… Learn more

  • worpress-basics-photographers-2-1
    WordPress Basics for Photographers 2, with RC Concepcion

    Once you have a basic Wordpress site up to show your Photography, there are a few things you can do to spice it up and make it look… Learn more

  • wordpress-basics-photographers-1-2
    WordPress Basics for Photographers, with RC Concepcion

    Learn all the steps. From purchasing a domain name and web space, to installing Wordpress, creating pages and posts, to adding images. You will be amazed by how… Learn more

  • fireworks-dreamweaver-cs4-killer-combination-1
    Fireworks CS4 and Dreamweaver CS4: The Killer Combination, with RC Concepcion

    A down-to-basics course on how to use Fireworks CS4 and Dreamweaver CS4 to build a website. Learn more

  • dreamweaver-cs4-beginners-2
    Dreamweaver CS4 for Beginners, with RC Concepcion

    Learn the functions and capabilities of Dreamweaver CS4 as RC goes through the basics of building and designing a website with the new version Learn more

  • rc_portfolio_lr2_dw_1
    Online Photo Portfolios with Lightroom 2 and Dreamweaver CS4, with RC Concepcion

    In this course, RC explains the process of creating an online Photo Portfolio site using Lightroom 2 and Dreamweaver CS4 Learn more

  • flash-cs4-beginners-1
    Flash CS4 for Beginners, with RC Concepcion

    RC Concepcion goes over how to create animations using Adobe Flash CS4 Learn more

  • rc_cloneshortcourse_1
    Cloning and Healing Short Course, with RC Concepcion

    RC goes through the basic functions of two of Photoshop's brush-based correction tools. Learn more

  • flash_basic_1
    Flash 101: The Basics, with RC Concepcion

    Learn the fundamentals of Adobe Flash CS3. Learn more

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  • SemTour_PSphoto
    Los Angeles, CA, with RC Concepcion

    This new tour was developed by the world’s #1 best-selling Photoshop and photography author, Scott Kelby, and is taught by Photoshop guru, RC Concepcion. Although we cover everything… Learn more

  • SemTour_PSphoto
    Chicago, IL, with RC Concepcion

    This new tour was developed by the world’s #1 best-selling Photoshop and photography author, Scott Kelby, and is taught by Photoshop guru, RC Concepcion. Although we cover everything… Learn more