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About Moose Peterson

A Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, Lexar Elite Photographer, recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award, Research Associate with the Endangered Species Recovery Program, published in over 130 magazines worldwide, author of 23 books, and lecturing across the country to thousands upon thousands of photographers barely covers the work and goals of wildlife photographer Moose Peterson. One of the original Nikon shooters to receive the D1 in 1999, Moose embraced this new technology becoming the only wildlife photographer in the world to shoot strictly digital in the early years. A beta site for all the major hardware and software manufacturers, Moose continues his main goal of photographing the life history of North America's endangered wildlife and wild places using the latest tools. Creative innovation of new techniques, both behind the camera and the computer, is the driving force behind his photography and goals.

Moose's Courses

  • MainImage1_09.11.14
    Aviation Photography: Warbirds and the Men Who Flew Them, with Moose Peterson

    Get a behind the scenes look at the people, the planes, and the process Moose Peterson went through to capture the amazing air to air photographs of these… Learn more

  • master-black-white-landscape-photography-3
    Master Black & White Landscape Photography, with Moose Peterson

    Bad weather makes great photographs! Pull on your big coat and join Moose Peterson on the stormy Oregon coast for inspiration and new ideas on how to create… Learn more

  • beginners-guide-wildlife-photography-1
    A Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography, with Moose Peterson

    By starting out in your own backyard, you have the greatest access to your subjects, the best opportunity to influence your environment, and the most amount of time… Learn more

  • shooting-fall-landscapes-3
    Shooting Fall Landscapes, with Moose Peterson

    It's all about color! Join Moose Peterson, wildlife photographer, out in the Eastern Sierras surrounded by blue skies and beautiful fall colors. Moose takes you to some of… Learn more

  • aviation-photography-2
    Aviation Photography, with Moose Peterson

    Moose Peterson is well-known for his wildlife and landscape photography, but few have known about his passion for aviation - until now. Join Moose on location at the… Learn more

  • romancing-landscape-3-1
    Romancing the Landscape Part 3: Ready for Anything, with Moose Peterson

    When it comes to landscape photography, chances are you won't be able to control your environment. Unless you live in the area where you're shooting and can pick… Learn more

  • romancing-landscape-2-1
    Romancing the Landscape, Part 2, with Moose Peterson

    In the second part of his landscape photography course, Moose Peterson continues his tour of the southwest United States, taking shots of the beautiful buttes, spires, and mesas… Learn more

  • romancing-landscape-1-1
    Romancing the Landscape, Part 1, with Moose Peterson

    Join landscape and wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he gets his first chance to shoot the beauty of Monument Valley. Moose talks about his preferences for camera gear… Learn more

  • nature-photography-shorebirds-1
    Nature Photography – Shorebirds, with Moose Peterson

    Wildlife photographer Moose Peterson takes viewers on an excursion onto the shores of Florida, right along the water's edge to capture images of the beautiful winter plumage of… Learn more

  • nikon_d3s_1
    The Nikon D3S Power Session, with Moose Peterson

    Pro Photographer Moose Peterson talks about the new features of the Nikon D3S as well as how to customize the settings to get the most out of your… Learn more

  • yellowstone-big-game-photography-1
    Yellowstone Big Game Photography, with Moose Peterson

    Yellowstone National Park in the fall is the best place to photograph big game. Join wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he explores Yellowstone and captures amazing images from… Learn more

  • moose_floridabirds_1
    Photographing Florida Birds, with Moose Peterson

    Join famed wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he goes out in search of some magnificent Florida bird shots. Learn more

  • moose_landscape2_3
    Landscape Photography, Part 2, with Moose Peterson

    Using knowledge of light and sharpness, we compose by throwing out conventional wisdom and taking our landscape photography to a new level. Learn more

  • moose_landscape_1
    Landscape Photography – Ground Work, with Moose Peterson

    Taking the wonder our eyes see and mind and heart records and translating that to a single click of the shutter requires a lot more than just being… Learn more

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