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About James Schmelzer

James Schmelzer is an award winning photographer, lecturer, and has been the technical representative for F.J. Westcott Company for over 25 years. James has been actively involved in designing new light modifier products as well as creating instructional videos demonstrating control of light. He conducts workshops, speaks at seminars, and demonstrates lighting at tradeshows. He's also the author and creator of the Quality of Light video series. James has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America, where he holds the Master Craftsman Photographer Degree. He also holds a Master's Degree with the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. James is owner of Elite Photographic Studio in Shelby Township, Michigan where he specializes in High School Senior portraits and Weddings.

James's Courses

  • studio-photography-techniques-using-constant-lighting-3
    Studio Photography Techniques Using Constant Lighting, with James Schmelzer

    Are you ready to take your lighting skills to the next level? Join Master Craftsmen Photographer James Schmelzer as he guides you through the transition from strobes to… Learn more

  • outdoor-lighting-senior-portaits-1
    Outdoor Lighting for Senior Portraits, with James Schmelzer

    Professional photographer James Schmelzer has made a career shooting of high school senior portraits. In this course, James demonstrates some of the techniques he has learned for controlling… Learn more

  • background-props-and-shooting-ideas-1
    Senior Portraits: Background, Props, and Shooting Ideas, with James Schmelzer

    Join portrait photographer James Schmelzer as he shares his cutting-edge ideas and concepts for creating and lighting unique backgrounds for studio portraits. Learn more

  • senior-portraits-lighting-techniques-1
    Senior Portraits: Lighting Techniques, with James Schmelzer

    James has been photographing high school portraits for over 30 years. In this course, James shares his best techniques and hottest tricks that have made his style of… Learn more

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