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About Janine Warner

Janine Warner's best-selling books and videos on web design have won her an international following and earned her speaking and consulting engagements around the world. Since 1996, she's written more than a dozen books about the Internet, including Web Sites For Dummies (DIY), Dreamweaver For Dummies (every edition), and her latest, Mobile Web Design For Dummies. She's also a regular contributor to Layers Magazine.

Janine is the host of more than 50 hours of Web design training videos on Adobe Dreamweaver and CSS. She has worked on large and small Web site projects, and she is the creator of the Web design training site DigitalFamily.com.

Janine's Courses

  • dreamweaver-cs5-crash-course-2-3
    Dreamweaver CS5 Crash Course, Part 2, with Janine Warner

    Take your Web design skills to the next level with Dreamweaver's template features, which make it easy to create new pages quickly and make global updates to many… Learn more

  • dreamweaver-cs5-crash-course-1-1
    Dreamweaver CS5 Crash Course, with Janine Warner

    Things are constantly changing on the web. There are changes in what is possible, changes in the tools and methods used to create web pages, and changes in… Learn more

  • advanced-css-2
    Advanced CSS, with Janine Warner

    Web designer and author Janine Warner discusses advanced CSS techniques and uses Dreamweaver to create CSS-based layouts, edit pre-designed templates, create tables, examine CSS code, and edit Wordpress… Learn more

  • dreamweaver-cs5-power-session-1
    Dreamweaver CS5 Power Session, with Janine Warner

    You will find many great new features in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, from enhanced CSS support to better integration with WordPress. Best-selling author Janine Warner offers a quick look… Learn more

  • css-basics-crash-course-cascading-style-sheets-1
    CSS Basics: A Crash Course in Cascading Style Sheets, with Janine Warner

    Whether you are completely new to CSS or you are just trying to master the basics, Janine's crash course will get you up to speed quickly. Learn when… Learn more

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