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About Fay Sirkis

Fay Sirkis is an internationally recognized portrait artist, photographer and instructor who speaks at seminars both in the U.S. and in Europe. A New York based contemporary digital artist with a background in traditional fine art Fay attended the Pratt School of Professional Studies in New York City, where she became certified in graphic and web design. She also attended Rockhurst College CE in New York City for her certification in printing and pre-press. Fay has had a long career path in the arts. She's worked as a freelance graphic artist and was a graphic design instructor at Long Island University. She also was the art director for a publishing company, where she designed book covers, the interior design and layout for children's books. Now, her commissioned portraits and paintings are held in private collections internationally and are exhibited in museums and art galleries.

Fay is also the founder of Fay's Art Studio, a high-end commission portrait painting studio, as well as a digital art training and consulting firm based in New York. Currently, Fay is on the advisory council of Corel Painter and is a beta tester and evangelist for Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. In fact, she was instrumental in the launching of the latest releases of the programs. She is a Corel "Painter Master" and a Canon "Print Master" whose work is featured in Corel's Art Gallery, as well as Canon's. In addition, her paintings appear in numerous ad campaigns for both Canon and Corel... many on the cover of the brochures. Fay is also part of the Dream Team instructors that teach at the Photoshop World Conferences. Her photo painting tutorials have been featured on the cover of many magazines, including Photoshop User. She even teamed up with KelbyOne to produce "A Celebration of Art," a four-part DVD collection covering diversified training on different digital media. And Fay has just released three new DVD titles in honor of Adobe Photoshop's launch of the new CS5 and its painting tools. Along with all her experience, Fay is best known for her simplistic way of teaching... making the learning curve in the digital world easier to master!

Fay's Courses

  • four-seasons-spring-time-1
    Four Seasons: Spring, with Fay Sirkis

    Paint springtime clouds, sky and water, and learn how to achieve realistic and natural movement in them, including reflective sparkling light on water. Using Fay’s new Puff Cloud… Learn more

  • four-seasons-summer-3
    Four Seasons: Summer, with Fay Sirkis

    Let's celebrate summer! Paint a vacation scene by a river, a beach scene and waves and clouds. Use the links below to download Fay's brush presets and texture… Learn more

  • four-seasons-fall-1
    Four Seasons: Fall, with Fay Sirkis

    In this third session of the series, viewers will explore the beautiful colors of fall and create paintings based on an outdoor scene, as well as a rainy… Learn more

  • four-seasons-winter-1
    Four Seasons: Winter, with Fay Sirkis

    This is the last season of Fay's series. In this video, Fay teaches viewers about creating winter images, starting with a snow-covered peak, then moving on to a… Learn more

  • paint-like-a-master-1
    Paint Like A Master, with Fay Sirkis

    Turn your digital portraits and panoramas into masterpieces that mimic the oil and watercolor styles of Great Masters like Rembrandt, Monet, and Norman Rockwell. Learn more

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