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About Cliff Mautner

Recognized by WPPI as "one of the top photographers and educators in the world," Cliff Mautner's 28-year career in photography includes 15 years and 6000 assignments as a photojournalist with the Philadelphia Inquirer, and work for an eclectic array of commercial clientele ranging from Comcast to Subaru. After launching his wedding photography career, he became well known for his ability to create quality images in some of the most difficult lighting conditions. After 750 weddings, he hasn't looked back.

Cliff's Courses

  • art-of-photography-capturing-moments-3
    The Art of Photography: Capturing The Moments People Share, with Cliff Mautner and Mia McCormick

    Join Mia McCormick and world-renowned wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner, as they sit down to discuss Cliff's approach to creating inspiring photographs that capture the moments that people share.… Learn more

  • business-side-world-renowned-wedding-photography-3
    The Business Side of Cliff Mautner: World-Renowned Wedding Photographer, with Cliff Mautner and Larry Becker

    Join Kelby Training's own Larry Becker and world-renowned wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner, as they sit down to discuss what it takes to start and grow a wedding photography… Learn more

  • one-flash-wedding-photography-1
    One Flash Wedding Photography, with Cliff Mautner

    Internationally recognized wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner walks you through challenging wedding photo scenarios and explains how to use a single speedlight for impressive effect. Working with, rather than… Learn more

  • wedding-photography-searching-for-light-2
    Wedding Photography: Searching for the Light, with Cliff Mautner

    In a perfect world, wedding photographers would have an unlimited amount of time to capture the perfect wedding photo with the perfect light for their clients. In reality,… Learn more

  • wedding-photography-shooting-around-clock-3
    Wedding Photography – Shooting Around the Clock, with Cliff Mautner

    Wedding photographers do not get to pick the shooting schedule on the day of the wedding, which means they may be shooting portraits at odd times, when lighting… Learn more

  • how-to-photograph-beautiful-brides-3
    How to Photograph Beautiful Brides, with Cliff Mautner

    Cliff Mautner shares his personal tips, tricks, and photographic techniques that he's mastered throughout his career to capture beautiful portraits of the bride with each and every shot… Learn more

  • essentials-creative-wedding-photography-1
    Essentials of Creative Wedding Photography, with Cliff Mautner

    Unleash your creativity with this exclusive look at how one of today’s hottest wedding photographers captures some of the most creative wedding photos seen anywhere on the planet! Learn more

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