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About Bill Fortney

Bill is one of America's premier photographer's specializing in Landscape, close-up, nature, Americana, and travel. In his 44 year career, Bill has been a High School teacher and football coach, AP rep, Medical photographer, and Marketing Public Relations person. Bill was an official photographer for the Washington Redskins during his sports photography years.

In 1991 he and his wife Sherelene founded the Great American Photography Weekends and for 12 years he ran the field events for the company, leading over 250 events in every major national park and in Africa, Europe, Canada, and the Galapagos Islands. Bill is the author of five photography books, including his newest - America From 500 Feet II. His original America From 500 Feet book done with his son Wesley is the largest selling aerial landscape book, on America, of all time.

Now retired after 11 years with Nikon Professional Services, Bill teaches workshops through his company His Light Workshops. Once called in a newspaper article “The Will Rogers of Photography”, Bill is a committed Christian, and much sought after speaker, presenter, and workshop leader.

Bill's Courses

  • OlympicPark3_750x422
    Bill Fortney’s Olympic Park, with Bill Fortney

    Pull on your boots and join Bill Fortney, a world renowned nature and landscape photographer, as he takes you on a journey through Olympic National Park on the… Learn more

  • photographing-vintage-auto-americana-2
    Photographing Vintage Auto Americana, with Bill Fortney

    Join outdoor photographer and author Bill Fortney for an immersive trip through vintage auto Americana as he explores over 6 miles of trails filled with old cars, trucks,… Learn more

  • learning-to-shoot-photographically-1
    Learning to Shoot Photographically, with Bill Fortney

    Renowned photographer and author Bill Fortney is back, this time with an artist's point of view of photography. Combine the art and craft of photography to see your… Learn more

  • close-up-continuing-macro-photography-3
    Close-Up: Continuing in Macro Photography, with Bill Fortney

    After teaching the basics of macro photography, Bill Fortney returns to get more in-deph with the techniques he demonstrated in Close Up: An Introduction to Macro Photography. Go… Learn more

  • close-up-introduction-macro-photography-3
    Close-Up: An Introduction to Macro Photography, with Bill Fortney

    Close-up photography (or macro photography) gives us a scientific view of the world around us. In this first installment, photographer Bill Fortney takes you through the basics of… Learn more

  • gear-guide-outdoor-photographers-1
    A Gear Guide for Outdoor Photographers, with Bill Fortney

    Bill gives his reasons for choosing camera bodies, lenses, filters, accessories and more. He explains why his experience has led him to choose the equipment he has in… Learn more

  • intimate-landscape-photography-3
    Intimate Landscape Photography, with Bill Fortney

    While grand landscape photography captures the beauty of a large scene, intimate landscape photography focuses on small, unique parts of that landscape and extracts from the overall scene.… Learn more

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