Seminar Overview

Corey Barker’s Photoshop Down & Dirty Master FX Seminar Tour

Come spend the day with Corey Barker, the award-winning designer, illustrator and also best-selling author of the book “Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks, Volume 2” as he brings concepts, images and ideas from his book to life in this one-day live training seminar.

Join him as he ventures to take your Photoshop skills to the next level and beyond by teaching you how to master the eye-popping techniques used by designers, artists, and photographers all over the world. You will never look at Photoshop the same way again! Don’t miss your chance to spend an entire day learning from one of the best Photoshop instructors. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in just one day. Guaranteed!

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We’re so confident that you’ll love our training that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
If you don’t agree that it’s the best training you’ve ever received anywhere, for any price, we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

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Your Instructor

Meet Corey Barker

Corey is an education and curriculum developer for KelbyOne. He is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL, with a degree in Illustration. Over the years, Corey has worked as a graphic artist in a variety of disciplines such as illustration, commercial design, large format printing, motion graphics, web design and photography. His expertise in Photoshop and Illustrator have earned him numerous awards in illustration, graphic design and photography. Using Photoshop since version 2, his expertise and creativity have evolved exponentially with every new version, which makes Corey an invaluable addition to the KelbyOne team.

What You Get When You Attend

FREE BONUS: When You Attend
Design Series: Compositing Techniques Downloadable Course ($49.95 value)

In this course you will learn the essential techniques to create seamless composites. Learn how to extract subjects and design elements and combine them into an interesting design. One of the most critical skills needed for great compositing is to master selection and extraction techniques and then recombine them into a new image. These are some of the most commonly used techniques and we will discuss them in this course.


Detailed Workbook

We provide a detailed workbook outlining each step-by-step technique and tutorial taught in the classroom. We want you to sit back and enjoy your day learning, not scrambling to take notes.


Photoshop User Magazine

You’ll receive a free sample copy of the ground breaking magazine Photoshop User—the industry’s top “how to” Photoshop® magazine packed with inspiration, how-to tips and tutorials.

Triple Scoop

Pro Photographer License ($60 value)

With your paid attendance, receive one (1) royalty free song of your choice from Triple Scoop Music. Choose from any of of their award-winning songs to help share your story, promote yourself and grow your business. Requires opt-in at checkout.

Doors Open at 9:00am. Seminar Begins at 10:00am

10AM - 11:10AM - Selection & Extraction Techniques

10AM - 11:10AM

Selection & Extractions might sound like Design 101. But any designer knows making the perfect selection is often one of the biggest challenges. The real work is in the details. This session will show you the down & dirty techniques to becoming a selection and extraction wizard.

11:25AM - 12:45PM - Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers

11:25AM - 12:45PM

Ever see a really awesome design element and wonder what type of magic was used to create it? Now it’s your turn to be the magician. Load up an arsenal of tricks that will take your designs from bland to BAM. This session will show you the down & dirty behind creating out-of-the-box textures, putting a new twist on the particle brush and dramatic HDR toning effects.

12:45PM - 1:45PM - LUNCH BREAK

12:45PM - 1:45PM

You’re on you own for lunch. However, we always try to choose venues that have food options nearby, and you’re always free to bring your lunch if you wish.

1:45PM - 3:00PM - Down & Dirty Text Effects

1:45PM - 3:00PM

When done correctly, typography can speak as loudly as an image. There are millions of unique ways to arrange and design text that can only be limited by your imagination. In this session, you’ll learn everything from sizing techniques to 3D effects, light and reflection treatments to brush techniques. Plus you’ll cover the benefits of working with Adobe Typekit.

3:15PM - 4:00PM - Photoshop 3D Design Effects

3:15PM - 4:00PM

Photoshop is the ultimate tool for designers to create a lot of really amazing pieces. While you may think that some of these techniques are overly complicated, with a few essential tools and tricks, you’ll be amazed at what you can create. This session will show you how Photoshop offers simple, fast and well, dirty techniques that add life to your designs through 3D effects.

4:15PM - 5:00PM - The Studio Composite

4:15PM - 5:00PM

No matter what you do in Photoshop, you’re a designer. Design is defined as purpose or intention. Combine that with a little experimentation and you have a recipe for Photoshop magic. In this session, you’ll apply all your dirty tricks, layer by layer, to discover what it takes to create the ultimate studio composite.

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What Our Attendees Say

This is an AWESOME seminar! Corey is very detailed and easy to follow. I can’t begin to count the number of times I said, “WOW!"
— D. McCorsley, Attendee

Who Should Attend

  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Art Directors
  • Art Departments
  • Ad Agencies
  • Web Designers
  • Print Shops
  • Multimedia Designers
    & anyone interested in improving their creative skills

Who Has Attended

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Smithsonian
  • Delta Airlines
  • General Mills
  • Sony Music
  • Dreamworks
    & many more!
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