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Adobe Photoshop for Photographers Seminar Tour

with Pam Tingiris

Thursday January 1, 1970

We're so confident that you'll love our training that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
If you don't agree that it's the best training you've ever received anywhere, for any price, we'll gladly give you a full refund.

100%Money-Back Guarantee!

Doors Open at 9:00am. Seminar Begins at 10:00am

Scott’s 7-Point System for Camera Raw


Scott’s Photoshop 7-Point System book revolutionized how people edit their images, and in this live session you’re going to learn the latest update to the system, which focuses all seven points inside of Camera Raw itself. Once you learn these seven points, you’ll know exactly what to do, in what order, and why for every JPEG, Raw, and TIFF photo you edit. It will transform the way you edit your photos forever.

10 Portrait Retouching Techniques Every Photographer Needs to Know


In this class, you’ll learn the very same techniques today’s top pros use in their work to make their subjects look their very best directly from the man who wrote the highly acclaimed Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers. You’ll learn to keep realistic skin tone and texture, the latest techniques for retouching eyes (incredibly important), and a host of the latest techniques that look hard (but are easy once you know the secrets).



You’re on you own for lunch. However, we always try to choose venues that have food options nearby, and you’re always free to bring your lunch if you wish.

Down & Dirty Tricks for Photographers


This is where you learn those closely guarded “tricks of the trade” and the post-processing secrets that will give you a serious competitive advantage in the marketplace. Plus, you’ll learn everything from how to create dramatic portraits by re-lighting the scene after the fact to the easy way to shoot and create HDR images right in Photoshop (without the mistakes that make people cringe), the latest high-contrast moves, pro collaging techniques, how to shoot and stitch panos that work every single time, along with tons of very latest Photoshop effects and strategies that you’ll use every day in your work.

Photoshop Killer Tips


This is where you learn the techniques to take your speed, productivity and fun to the next level with all those inside, little-known tips, workarounds and shortcuts that make all the difference in the world. Plus, you'll learn the fast and easy way to use Photoshop's new built-in DSLR Video editing features to go from just a bunch of clips on your computer to movies that mix still images with video to make you invaluable to your clients. You'll also learn some cool finishing moves, the latest sharpening techniques to make your images absolutely tack sharp, and how the pros get twice the work done in the half the time.

Photoshop Before & After: Step-By-Step from Start to Finish


This is where it all comes together as we combine the techniques you’ve learned earlier in the day, (with some new ones you’ll learn in this class), so you can learn Scott’s entire Photoshop Editing Workflow. He starts with the unedited images―straight out of the camera―and reveals his editing techniques step-by-step, from beginning to end, and how to take your images from flat to fabulous. You’ll learn exactly how it’s all done, why it works, and how to apply it to your workflow, whether your final output is to print or the Web―it’s all here in the only class of its kind.

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