Continuing Education Credits (CEU)

As permanent documentation and record of your professional training, you may receive Continuing Education Credits (CEU) from University of the Pacific for attending KelbyOne LIVE seminars. You will receive a University certificate of Completion. Tax deductions may be claimed for expenses of Continuing Education (including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging) undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills. Enrollment and program details are also provided onsite at all KelbyOne LIVE seminars. Exceptions exist for CT, NJ, OH, PA and WI (see below).


  • Obtain fully accredited Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s).
  • Document your professional career training.
  • Enhance your job search portfolio, and demonstrate educational achievement to your employer or clients.
  • Express your commitment to furthering your professional education in the workplace and classroom.
  • Improve your professional skills and receive a University Certificate of Completion.
  • Your expenses for attending may be tax deductible (consult a tax professional for details).


HOW TO RECEIVE CEUs – It’s easy!

Upon successful completion of a KelbyOne LIVE seminar you will receive a Certificate of Completion from University of the Pacific. Use the enrollment form available on this page to receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for all KelbyOne LIVE seminars, except events held in CT, NJ, OH, PA and WI. If you have, or are attending in one of these five states, please call 800-479-1995 (Tuesday-Thursday, 8-12noon PST) for CEU information.

  • Download the Seminar CEU Form located on this page and fill-out the form, providing all requested information.
  • Have your Seminar CEU Form signed by an authorized, on-site KelbyTraining LIVE staff member the day of the event.
  • Mail your completed Seminar CEU Form (along with payment) to University Of The Pacific.
  • Receive your CEU’s and University Certificate of Completion.



As a follow-up to attendance, you may also earn University level credits for developing professional, photography related resources for your career or education. These University of the Pacific semester credits can be valuable to enhance a vita or job search portfolio; demonstrate educational achievement to employers; salary advancement or credential renewal for educators; as electives, with advisor approval, in degree programs at other institutions or merely for self advancement.


University of the Pacific is fully accredited. These graduate level courses are designed specifically for Professional Development participants who are not pursuing an advanced degree at UOP.For KelbyTraining LIVE seminars in CT, NJ, OH, PA and WI call Dr. Allan Lifson at the University’s Center for Professional and Continuing Education at (800) 479-1995, Tuesday-Thursday 8am-12noon (PST) for enrollment information.