Wedding Photography: Rapid-Fire Tips and Tricks, with David Ziser

David Ziser is back with a brand new, rapid-fire learning session comprised of the many wedding photography tips and tricks he's discovered in his 25-year career.

In the end, you’ll come away with an arsenal of solid techniques that you can put to work right away for better photos and higher profits.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Shooting in Natural Surroundings (Duration 03:12)

David talks about the problem situations that wedding photographers must sometimes overcome when shooting on location

Lesson 2: Avoiding the Dappled Lighting (Duration 01:43)

Changing position and using an off camera flash to begin setting up the shot

Lesson 3: Building the Photograph (Duration 03:43)

Experimenting with lighting and lenses to create the quality bridal shot

Lesson 4: Longer Focal Length (Duration 02:32)

Reduce background elements by increasing focal length

Lesson 5: Head and Shoulders Shot (Duration 07:38)

Fighting the light background to make this setup work

Lesson 6: Pampas Grass Background (Duration 06:21)

Working with lenses, reflectors, and distance to use some pampas grass as a background

Lesson 7: Bright, Direct Sunlight (Duration 02:58)

How to get the shots while working in direct sunlight

Lesson 8: Checking for Blinkies (Duration 04:06)

One way of setting exposure to make sure you don't have any blinkies in the camera's display

Lesson 9: Brick Background (Duration 09:40)

Experimenting with the bride in front of an exterior brick wall and windows

Lesson 10: Working with Available Light (Duration 04:04)

Pillars' curved surfaces will show you the direction of the natural light

Lesson 11: Leading Lines (Duration 04:29)

Pay attention to the geography and position the bride and groom in places that draw attention to them

Lesson 12: Finding a Location (Duration 04:18)

Looking for a location with good available light and setting up the shot

Lesson 13: Classic Profile Views (Duration 03:41)

Starting with some classic angles and experimenting from there

Lesson 14: Directional Light (Duration 02:43)

Continue changing the position of the camera and the subjects to find that perfect directional light

Lesson 15: Posing for the Final Shots (Duration 08:24)

The day finishes up with a beautiful setup with great lighting and converging lines

Meet Your Instructor: David Ziser

David Ziser, an internationally-renowned wedding photographer, has shared his knowledge with tens of thousand's of photographers in five languages and in 14 countries worldwide. Studio Photography acclaimed "Award winning photographer,…


  1. This is an exceptional course. Seeing how he sets up and changes with the conditions is excellent. I don't think anything could be improved on here.

  2. This is exceptional wedding photography. I am not a wedding guy (He says that) but now I can improve my photos at friends' weddings. I like his humour more than his photography.

  3. David congratulations, excellent video showing many techniques, the photographs you show after your shot are extraordinary of course very well edited, it could be nice if you could show us how you do this. Once again congratulations and thanks for sharing.

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