Wedding Photography: Stunning Off- Camera Flash Photography Techniques, with David Ziser

Professional wedding photographer David Ziser takes us through his processes during a bridal shoot while utilizing an off-camera flash

Professional wedding photographer David Ziser takes us through his processes during a bridal shoot while utilizing an off-camera flash

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction and Solving Problems (Duration 05:16)

Every wedding location is different and comes with its own set of challenges for photographers

Lesson 2: In Front of the Altar (Duration 04:41)

Here are some tips for using directional lighting and for posing your subject

Lesson 3: Setting Up Your Off-Camera Flash (Duration 08:06)

Diffusing your flash through an umbrella will soften the light on your subject

Lesson 4: Highlights Next to Shadows (Duration 05:17)

Using your off-camera flash to illuminate your subject's face and creating a nose shadow

Lesson 5: Correcting Exposure (Duration 02:42)

There's the blinky method for identifying and eliminating blown-out highlights

Lesson 6: Changing Composition (Duration 06:28)

Positioning your subject in the classic S curve, and reducing shutter speed to lighten the background

Lesson 7: Adjust the Pose (Duration 04:16)

Shooting the subject from different angles and using the subject to cover objects in the background

Lesson 8: Spice It Up (Duration 01:24)

Using a small, floor flash to illuminate the bride's veil

Lesson 9: Stained Glass Background (Duration 07:13)

Shooting the bride in front of a colored window

Lesson 10: Survey the Surroundings (Duration 02:56)

It's always good to walk around a new location and find the best angles for your shots

Lesson 11: Bouncing the Light (Duration 03:06)

One technique is to bounce the off-camera flash off of a white wall which will produce a large, diffused light source

Lesson 12: Beautiful Bridal Images (Duration 07:07)

Playing with the location, the pose, the light source, and the shutter speed in order to get an eye-catching set of images

Lesson 13: Looking For a Background (Duration 02:40)

Keep an eye out for interesting backgrounds that really fit your bridal portrait

Lesson 14: The Floof and Run (Duration 03:25)

You might need an extra pair of hands to accomplish this bridal shot setup

Lesson 15: Cheating the Shutter (Duration 03:53)

One more portrait technique and a summary of everything we covered in the course

Meet Your Instructor: David Ziser

David Ziser, an internationally-renowned wedding photographer, has shared his knowledge with tens of thousand's of photographers in five languages and in 14 countries worldwide. Studio Photography acclaimed "Award winning photographer,…


  1. Another very informative tutorial. I know that I probably sound like a fan of David Ziser, and I am. But I'm also an honest critic. In this case I have nothing negative to say. This is a very useful video, especially if your starting out and want to have your assistant watch him walk them through the proper lighting location. Great work, and sure to be a great confidence boost to any new Wedding Photographer.

  2. Always a pleasure to learn from David Ziser. I'm about to buy a translucent umbrella to my off-camera flash thanks to their invaluable classes - like this one - that show the right way and great results to soften the light in portraits with this modifier.

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