Live Wedding Shoot, Start to Finish, with David Ziser

Wedding Photographer David Ziser invited the Kelby Training cameras to follow for an entire wedding shoot.

Wedding Photographer David Ziser invited the Kelby Training cameras to follow for an entire wedding shoot. His day begins with some shots of the bride getting ready, then outside for group shots, then on to the ceremony and reception. David lets viewers see his equipment choices, shot selections, lighting techniques, camera positioning, and finally, he talks about the process of choosing which images to work with in post-processing.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction and Equipment (Duration 06:37)

David discusses the theme and content of this course and then opens up his camera bag to show viewers what equipment he will be using throughout the shoot.

Lesson 2: Getting Started at the Bride's House (Duration 09:56)

David arrives at the bride's house early to get some shots of the bride in the final stages of getting ready.

Lesson 3: Scenic Overlook (Duration 05:06)

While taking shots of the entire wedding party at an outdoor location, David fights with the ambient light, clouds, and shadows to get the shots he wants.

Lesson 4: Outside the Church Before the Ceremony (Duration 11:12)

David organizes shots of the various members of the wedding party just before the ceremony.

Lesson 5: Inside the Church (Duration 08:25)

David avoids being obtrusive as he discreetly photographs the wedding ceremony inside the church with limited use of flash.

Lesson 6: The Reception (Duration 14:52)

After getting some final shots outside in sunset, David goes inside the reception to capture the entrances, the cake, dancing, and some experimental shots at the end of the evening.

Lesson 7: Reviewing the Key Points (Duration 27:43)

In this final lesson, David reviews the shots from the wedding and talks about camera settings and lighting technique.

Meet Your Instructor: David Ziser

David Ziser, an internationally-renowned wedding photographer, has shared his knowledge with tens of thousand's of photographers in five languages and in 14 countries worldwide. Studio Photography acclaimed "Award winning photographer,…


  1. This is another great course from David Ziser. For a beginning wedding photographer or someone with a little experience this course gives great insight into how the flow of a wedding day will go. If you're a beginner it will give you great advice and build your confidence. If you've done a few weddings this may give you some new ideas and let's you bounce what you're doing against a very experienced wedding photographer and get confidence, suggestions, or new ideas. This video alone is worth the monthly Kelby Training fee.

  2. David Ziser has changed the way I see the world photographically. His time tested ways work, just simply work. Some may call him old fashioned, but I think he is just a stickler for details, and this level of care translates to timeless images for his clients, and now to my clients as a result. Thanks David - also thank Scott for having David contribute so much.

  3. Great class in that it shows you all parts of the wedding. One of the most informative classes on KelbyTraining for those thinking about becoming wedding photographers. A great add-on to this class would be one that talks about all the other parts of the workflow (ex. marketing, package pricing negotiation, budgeting for assistants, location permits, post-production image selection, printing, etc.).

  4. This was a super video! What made it so great was the fact that the entire wedding party were not beautiful actors. It was the REAL thing with normal people. Thanks David for sharing your knowledge.

  5. This was a particularly useful video because it was done during a real wedding. I really appreciate the couple who agreed to let Kelby Training record their event. And, as usual, David did a terrific job conveying his skill and how he crafts making beautiful wedding images. WELL DONE to all involved with this video! Thank you!

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