Wedding Portraits - Classical Lighting and Posing Techniques By David Ziser

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In this video series, wedding photographer David Ziser goes over the standard poses and lighting setups for wedding portrait photography.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

David goes over what he will cover and explains the basic full-face view
The general specs of the standard two-thirds setup and some pointers on what to avoid when taking this shot
Correcting the two-thirds view and setting up the profile
How to set up the profile view and what not to do
David shares some of his tricks for posing the subject such as placing the front foot forward, hiding the hands behind the bouquet, and more
The first of five classical lighting patterns for the face of the subject
Moving the light around the subject to the far side of the nose to achieve this pattern
The nose shadow and the cheek shadow combine to form this pattern
Illuminating one half of the face
An accent light that adds some extra light to an image
Using a video light, David recreates all of the lighting patterns he previously covered
This is an extra technique that covers the face in a broad light pattern
Using the lighting patterns along with the profile views to create great photographs
When working with a window light source, remember to pose the subject to the light
Shooting a profile shot with the window lighting from a distance using a longer lens
Looking for the loop lighting pattern and moving the groom around for some different shots
Positioning at an elevated view to open up the location behind the bride and groom
Going through the setup and pose of a standard bride and groom shot
Some ideas for photos taken at the home of the bride
Shooting the groom at the home location
After a new setup, make sure to explore different variations within that setup
Looking for elements on the walls that can enhance the picture
Posing the groom in well-defined positions
Creating a small cone of light to isolate one area of the subject
Choosing the right light settings in order to pick up the colors of an interior shoot
Shooting a three-quarter portrait in the bedroom
Moving the bride and groom to the back pool area of the house
Using the archway of the architecture to frame the bride in the shot
Working with the ISO and Flash when shooting outside
David shares some final thoughts about the setups that he covered in this series
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