Wedding Portraits – Getting the Perfect Shot at Tricky Locations, with David Ziser

Wedding photographer David Ziser takes viewers along with him to three location shoots as he sets up wedding portraits at a park, church, and a beach

Wedding photographer David Ziser takes viewers along with him to three location shoots as he sets up wedding portraits at a park, church, and a beach

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Welcome (Duration 11:46)

David talks about the location shoots that are included in this course and gets started with a daylight shoot at the park

Lesson 2: Background Clouds Behind the Groom (Duration 02:05)

From the park location, David directs an off-camera flash setup with large white clouds in the background

Lesson 3: Camera and Flash Adjustments (Duration 04:00)

Get the light on the subject and fill that light with the off-camera flash

Lesson 4: High Key Bridal Shot (Duration 05:53)

Light colored background with the bride popping forward

Lesson 5: Direction of Light (Duration 05:26)

No flashes. Just studying the light and placing the subject in camera in the best place

Lesson 6: Under a Canopy (Duration 06:21)

This new setup positions the bride and groom under a heavy canopy of trees

Lesson 7: Stone Steps (Duration 06:11)

Great leading lines make a nice background for a casual shot of the groom

Lesson 8: New Park Location (Duration 12:45)

Walking through a scene and deciding what will work best for quality pictures

Lesson 9: Twirls and Swirls (Duration 00:49)

Quick portrait and creating a composition on the fly

Lesson 10: Natural Light (Duration 08:33)

No flashes. Just using the loop lighting pattern to make a pretty photograph

Lesson 11: Bride and Groom on the Bridge (Duration 03:27)

The lighting really comes together in this final shoot at the park location

Lesson 12: Sacred Heart Church (Duration 06:36)

This magnificent old Florida church is a beautiful location that David has shot in before

Lesson 13: Bride Near the Back Pews (Duration 07:07)

Starting from the back of the church and moving to set locations around the church

Lesson 14: Groom at Second Location (Duration 04:26)

Working from the back of the church and shooting towards the altar

Lesson 15: Repeat of the Pews (Duration 04:56)

The rows of pews creates a compositional line bringing focus to the subjects

Lesson 16: Low Angles (Duration 06:13)

Getting low to shoot up into dramatic backgrounds

Lesson 17: Stained Glass Window (Duration 01:57)

Positioning and patience will allow the sun beams to come down beautifully onto the bride

Lesson 18: Rays and Pillars (Duration 02:55)

Positioning the bride and groom near the stained glass window with pillars in the background

Lesson 19: Repeating Arches (Duration 02:18)

Utilizing the looping light pattern and repeating background

Lesson 20: Bride at the Front of the Church (Duration 04:26)

This setup brings the bride towards the front of the church

Lesson 21: Spiral Staircase (Duration 03:44)

Using fisheye lens in a tight location to get an interesting shot

Lesson 22: Above the Head (Duration 02:06)

Using a fisheye lens and the monopod to position the camera well above the subjects

Lesson 23: Outside the Front of the Church (Duration 09:25)

Adjusting to the light outside the church and shooting the couple in front of the church

Lesson 24: Sunset at the Beach (Duration 08:53)

Time is very important as the sun drops from behind the subjects on the beach

Lesson 25: Backlighting as the Sun Fades (Duration 05:51)

Making the most of the fading sunlight with some backlight shots mixed in

Meet Your Instructor: David Ziser

David Ziser, an internationally-renowned wedding photographer, has shared his knowledge with tens of thousand's of photographers in five languages and in 14 countries worldwide. Studio Photography acclaimed "Award winning photographer,…

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