Wedding Portraits - Getting the Perfect Shot at Tricky Locations By David Ziser

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Wedding photographer David Ziser takes viewers along with him to three location shoots as he sets up wedding portraits at a park, church, and a beach

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David talks about the location shoots that are included in this course and gets started with a daylight shoot at the park
From the park location, David directs an off-camera flash setup with large white clouds in the background
Get the light on the subject and fill that light with the off-camera flash
Light colored background with the bride popping forward
No flashes. Just studying the light and placing the subject in camera in the best place
This new setup positions the bride and groom under a heavy canopy of trees
Great leading lines make a nice background for a casual shot of the groom
Walking through a scene and deciding what will work best for quality pictures
Quick portrait and creating a composition on the fly
No flashes. Just using the loop lighting pattern to make a pretty photograph
The lighting really comes together in this final shoot at the park location
This magnificent old Florida church is a beautiful location that David has shot in before
Starting from the back of the church and moving to set locations around the church
Working from the back of the church and shooting towards the altar
The rows of pews creates a compositional line bringing focus to the subjects
Getting low to shoot up into dramatic backgrounds
Positioning and patience will allow the sun beams to come down beautifully onto the bride
Positioning the bride and groom near the stained glass window with pillars in the background
Utilizing the looping light pattern and repeating background
This setup brings the bride towards the front of the church
Using fisheye lens in a tight location to get an interesting shot
Using a fisheye lens and the monopod to position the camera well above the subjects
Adjusting to the light outside the church and shooting the couple in front of the church
Time is very important as the sun drops from behind the subjects on the beach
Making the most of the fading sunlight with some backlight shots mixed in
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    Are the pictures that appear on the video as your shooting retouched? Or is it how they really come out? Thanks great video. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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      I’m certain the images have been retouched. At times, the assitant was in the shot and in the pictures shown, she’s been removed…

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