An Expert Guide to Street Photography, with Zack Arias

Join Zack Arias, an editorial and commercial photographer, on the streets of New York where he shares his tips and techniques for blending into the scene and candidly capturing the people and places around you.

Street photography is about a moment; a slice of unscripted life. It’s about getting in close and getting the shot. Join Zack Arias, an editorial and commercial photographer, on the streets of New York where he shares his tips and techniques for blending into the scene and candidly capturing the people and places around you. Even if street photography is not your thing, you can transfer the techniques and philosophy of street photography into any other genre of photography.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 10:57)

Zack talks about what street photography means to him and why he is drawn to it. He also discusses his base camera settings and the gear he carries when he heads out into the street.

Lesson 2: Coney Island: Part 1 (Duration 11:11)

After a train ride Zack explores the people and places around Coney Island.

Lesson 3: Coney Island: Part 2 (Duration 09:38)

Sometimes you need to find your composition and wait for the right subjects to enter the frame.

Lesson 4: China Town (Duration 06:42)

Whenever you set your camera up for something special, always remember to reset the camera settings back to your normal mode of shooting.

Lesson 5: Wandering (Duration 06:48)

Often, the best experiences come when you don't know where you are, don't know where you are headed, and you are just wandering around.

Lesson 6: Times Square: Part 1 (Duration 08:28)

Times Square is full of people and light 24 hours a day, so there is always something to shoot. Zack shares a cool tip for capturing candid shots on the street.

Lesson 7: Times Square: Part 2 (Duration 06:02)

There are so many people in Times Square it is very easy to blend in and get close to people, which makes it a great place to get started with street photography.

Meet Your Instructor: Zack Arias

Zack Arias is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Zack has been working in the music industry for the past seven years. He is now branching into…


  1. Great job Zack! Your tutorial is so much fun to watch. I picked up a few tips and you helped to confirm that I'm not alone out there. Now for a hot dog....or two.

  2. The Zack Arias Street Photography course was outstanding. He lit a few flash bulbs in my head that I can't wait to try out ASAP. I want to see more by him. Thank you!

  3. Great stuff! I've been really attracted to the rawness of street but my dslr gets me busted all the time. So many great tips in this class that I can't wait to try on my next outing. Thanks!

  4. This was awesome. Zack is irreverent and witty, yet at the same time gives us a great perspective into the creative process. I wish this series was ten times longer.

  5. This was a lot of fun . It was fun to watch Zack go about the city dressed as he was and making images....I have used all the techniques that Zack teaches here with great success . Trust what Zack tells you here...these techniques work . One thing I might add is if someone says...did you just take my picture....I will identify myself and tell them why I made the image...most of the time people are OK with that but sometimes they may not be...I recommend to offer that you will delete the image...really no reason to make someone mad and get your butt whooped. Be smart out there Zack , don't think about being an old man perv taking images of children.I know you are know you are not..Cartier -Bresson made great street images of children...yes we live in a different time but that does not stop me from making images of children interacting with their environment . Again if someone asks why you are taking pictures of their kid...tell them your story and offer them a copy of the image with their for me...and usually they are very thankful for a great image. I am not a sales rep for Nikon...but I use the nikon 1 V1 which makes apsolutely no noise when set to electronic shutter...I get really close using the 10mm 2.8 and people are not aware that I am photographing another point ...people are so not focused on the moment...talking on their cell phones and texting....they do not even notice you. Nice spending the day with you Zack

  6. I really enjoyed watching this course! Zack shares his great techniques that are subtle and effective for getting the shots we've always dreamed of getting! A cool course from a cool guy.

  7. Thank you, Zack! This was a revelation for me to learn about the Fuji camera as an alternative to the DSLR for street photography -- I've also felt like my DSLR is getting in my way when I'm shooting on the streets. Thank you to Zack and Kelby Training for an overall outstanding course full of practical and fun tips!

  8. Great video . I have been interested in street photograph just for the reason of reason of photographing people and poses, I love the techniques he uses in being stealth and under the radar.

  9. I LOVED how this course was filmed. Don't know if you got a new cameraman or two, but although this lesson was completely out of my purview, it was fun, creative, and got me thinking about how camera angle and wide lenses can be used thematically. Excellent job, great editing, and hope you'll shoot more like this in the future.

  10. Thanks for the good time on the street with you. I like your trick for getting the shot by pointing the camera upward and then taking the shot while viewing the display. It would have been good to talk about the ideas of publishing these shots and whether or not you need to get permission.

  11. Cool course Zack! Really enjoyed it! I've been using a 40mm pancake on my 5D MkII for street photography, but you've got me thinking about buying a mirrorless after watching this. It would be a nice addition to my camera collection.

  12. Street photography interests me because it is a way to clear the cobwebs of your mind, I would like to see a course on basics, emphasizing legal issues, marketing possibilities, and other issues outside of techniques.

  13. Zack Arias is a skilled photographer, but admittedly his experience has been indoors in controlled environments. I found this video entertaining mainly becasue Zack is such a nice guy, but for learning, I suggest Scott's interviews on the street with Jay Maisel both in Paris and NYC. Jay was doing street photography before Zack was born, and his insights were transformative for me. And Jay uses a Nikon D4 with an 18-300mm lens!!

  14. Brilliant Zack - love this course. It's worth watching just for that "don't mind me, I'm just shooting the roof tops and looking at my random shot afterwards on the camera monitor.." technique. I used that so many times on a subsequent trip out to Lithuania - got some great candid shots of folk sitting next to me in cafe's, and around the streets of Vilnius using that one - and I was carrying a 4lb 35mm camera+lens combo and it still worked :)

  15. Wonderful course. As a street photographer myself, I loved Zack's take on the hole genre. It was nice to get a fresh perspective on different techniques that I took away to help spice up my own street photography.

  16. Thanks to Zack Arias and all team of production for this great street photography workshop. I've learning new techniques from Zack. And now I will practice all I've learned in my city (Seville - Spain). Thank you very much

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