The Business Side of Zack Arias: Becoming a Successful Commercial Photographer, with Zack Arias and Larry Becker

KelbyOne’s own Larry Becker is joined by Zack Arias, an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, for an honest and insightful discussion of Zack's path to becoming a professional photographer.

Zack offers candid and real-world wisdom on topics ranging from getting started to finding the right people to help your business grow, and from striving to achieve that mythical work/family balance to his thoughts on gear, post-production and file delivery. Zack’s ability to learn from his mistakes and harness his determination to succeed in a life behind the camera is an inspiration for anyone in the business of photography.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: On Getting Started (Duration 15:24)

Some lessons are learned the hard way, and you may fail the first time out. If you can learn from your mistakes and you really have the drive to succeed you can come back to try again.

Lesson 2: On Growing Your Business (Duration 18:59)

One of the first things an aspiring photographer should do when starting out is to hire an accountant.

Lesson 3: On Getting People to Help You (Duration 14:28)

Finding people with strengths that compliment your own can help you take your business to places you never dreamed possible on your own.

Lesson 4: On Finding Balance (Duration 17:37)

Balancing your business and your family life is a constant challenge, and your job is to be aware of it and rise to meet it.

Lesson 5: On Post Production and Delivering Files (Duration 15:21)

Zack's goal is always to get it right in camera and do as little post-processing as necessary before handing off files to the client.

Lesson 6: On Copyright and Licensing and the Future (Duration 15:45)

Some lower-paying editorial jobs can sometimes turn into opportunities to re-license those same photos back to a client. Registering your copyright is an important part of the workflow.

Meet Your Instructor: Zack Arias

Zack Arias is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Zack has been working in the music industry for the past seven years. He is now branching into…

Meet Your Instructor: Larry Becker

Larry Becker is the guy behind the inexpensive photography solutions and DIYs featured on DTownTV. That's about all you really need to know, but if you're still curious about the…

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  1. Zack is great. I discovered him thru his NY series (photography on a budget), and love his humility. I'll watch anything he's in because he's talented, relatable, and honest about his process, struggles and success and that's something I can learn from and be inspired by.

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