Dreamweaver CS5 Crash Course By Janine Warner

2 hr 26 min

Things are constantly changing on the web. There are changes in what is possible, changes in the tools and methods used to create web pages, and changes in how to deliver web content. In this course, instructor and author Janine Warner gives her viewers a crash course on how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to set up a new site, build pages on their local computer, preview and test the site in various browsers, and how to move that site to a remote server and onto the web.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

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Janine Warner


Janine Warner's best-selling books and videos on web design have won her an international following and earned her speaking and consulting engagements around the world. Since 1996, she's written more than a dozen books about the Internet, including Web Sites For Dummies (DIY), Dreamweaver For Dummies (every edition), and her latest, Mobil...

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    when I try to expand this screen, the Dreamweaver screen gets blurry. this is maddening. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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