CSS Basics: A Crash Course in Cascading Style Sheets By Janine Warner

2 hr 5 min

Whether you are completely new to CSS or you are just trying to master the basics, Janine's crash course will get you up to speed quickly. Learn when to use internal vs. external style sheets, the best uses for the various selector types, and how the basics of CSS are the same for everything from WordPress blogs to Dreamweaver web sites.

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Janine Warner introduces herself and talks about what she will cover in this course
Separating content from style and getting the fundamentals of using CSS
Reviewing the Dreamweaver interface and where the most important features are located
Locating and identifying the various types of style sheets
Class styles are the most versatile. This lesson starts with directions on creating a new CSS rule
Use these unique styles to style the building block elements of your web pages
In this lesson, learn how to use CSS to style the body and header tags of your web pages
CSS gives users the ability to combine more than one selector when creating a style
Use different styles for your links when they first load on the page, when they are clicked, after they are visited, and more
Aligning images and other elements to the left and right sides of the page using float element
A couple of the basics of creating a custom CSS layout
Dreamweaver comes with a collection of ready-made CSS layouts
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Janine Warner


Janine Warner's best-selling books and videos on web design have won her an international following and earned her speaking and consulting engagements around the world. Since 1996, she's written more than a dozen books about the Internet, including Web Sites For Dummies (DIY), Dreamweaver For Dummies (every edition), and her latest, Mobil...

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  1. Profile photo of Wayne Wayne

    I looked at your course titled, “CSS Basics: A Crash Course in Cascading Style Sheets” by Janine Warner in your Design section and she was using Dreamweaver CS4! Dreamweaver CS4 is quite old. I also noticed that you have nothing on Dreamweaver CC, the most recent being Dreamweaver CS5. Obviously, Dreamweaver, it seems like, is on the “back burner” and courses using it are not being updated.

    I would like to suggest that you include updated Dreamweaver courses, soon and update any CSS courses you have, to include Dreamweaver CC.


  2. Profile photo of TimJenn57 TimJenn57

    Excellent Teaching! This has answered many questions and Idea designs for positioning.
    —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of Don Lowe Don Lowe

    Excellent instructor and excellent course. Keep using Janine Warner!!!!

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