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You probably know that you need a website, but you’re not really into writing code. That’s why Adobe Muse CC was created. You can have your own website and more importantly update it as often as you need.

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Getting started on a new site with initial settings.
Deciding on pages, order, hiearchy for your new site.
Creating a consistent style throughtout your site using master pages.
Placing your logo and choosing the right file format for your images.
How to add links so users can get from one page to another on your site.
Adding content to individual pages.
Using the slideshow widgets to display your images.
Adding video will require a bit of a workaround from the Muse interface.
Using a contact form to allow users to communicate with you.
Creating different versions of your site design based on the screen size of the device being used.
There are three options for publishing your site from Muse.
Here are some extra things you can do to your site to help customize the site and the user experience.
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Terry is the author of Secrets of Adobe Bridge from Adobe Press and co-author of InDesign CS/CS2 Killer Tips, from New Riders. Terry is Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc., and has been with Adobe for over a decade, where he leads the charge in evangelizing and showing Adobe's Creative Suite products to u...

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  1. Profile photo of Toby De Angelo Toby De Angelo

    Excellent instruction Terry – thank you!

  2. Profile photo of adcphotographs adcphotographs

    This lesson was very informative. I enjoyed it. I wanted to create a website by myself for a long time now and this course will start me off. Thank you. Question: Can you design a Blog with Muse, If not what program can be use?

  3. Profile photo of david.johnnes david.johnnes

    Thanks Terry White for your explanations; it was fantastic.

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