Creating An iPad APP in InDesign CS6 By Terry White

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With InDesign CS6 and a Creative Cloud subscription it has gotten a whole lot easier to create an unlimited number of applications for the iPad. Join Terry White, worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, as he takes you through every step in the process for creating an iPad app from scratch up to submitting it for approval in the App Store. You’ll learn what software is required to complete each phase of the project, how to create alternate versions for vertical and horizontal orientations, how to add various forms of interactivity, and how to build the final app itself.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Join Terry as he introduces the class and goes over what you'll need to complete the project.
Before you get started you'll want to download and install the Digital Publishing Suite tools.
To get an idea of where you are headed it can help to take a walk through a finished product before diving into the production of your own.
Understanding the structure of the app and the terminology of the components is needed to move forward.
Learn how to set up and start building your first document that will be part of your app.
With the vertical version completed you can now add music and create the alternate (horizontal) view.
Add interactivity into your app is a fun way to engage your audience. Terry demonstrates a few different types of interaction.
There are various ways to do slideshows, and it really just depends on what you are looking to do.
Terry demonstrates another variation on the slideshow.
There are two types of rotating interactivity you can build into your app.
You can also include actual video clips for your audience to view.
When considering the inclusion of web content you can either link to existing content on the web or you can incorporate the content into the app itself. There are tradeoffs either way.
It is important to link your various bits of content together within the app.
Before you can build the final app you need to build the folio.
With the folio designed and built you can use the Folio Builder to create the app.
Terry wraps up the class with a quick review of what was covered and where to go from here.
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Terry White


Terry is the author of Secrets of Adobe Bridge from Adobe Press and co-author of InDesign CS/CS2 Killer Tips, from New Riders. Terry is Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc., and has been with Adobe for over a decade, where he leads the charge in evangelizing and showing Adobe's Creative Suite products to u...

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  1. Profile photo of Gene Strickland Gene Strickland

    Excellent course
    Covered the basics perfectly for a beginner at this (and as a beginner at Indesign)
    I would enjoy an advanced class now for inspiration about high end with iPad app creation (especially for people not use to Indesign with no awareness of all the cool things Indesign can do)
    How to make visually awesome and interactive apps.

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