How to Photograph Car Interiors, with Tim Wallace

Join Tim Wallace and Scott Kelby as they show you step-by step how to light and shoot a car's interior using a Porsche Panamera as the subject.

Have you ever wondered how to light the inside of a car when you hardly have any room to move? Wonder no more and learn from the best in the business! Join Tim Wallace and Scott Kelby as they show you step-by step how to light and shoot a car’s interior using a Porsche Panamera as the subject. The key to lighting is all about the angles, and once you get the lighting right it frees you up to just focus on nailing the best composition. You’ll get to see every step in the process through Tim’s eyes as he shares his secrets for setting up the lights, highlighting the important details, and finding the right camera angle to make each automobile look its very best.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 05:27)

Join Tim in the Kelby Training offices as he introduces the class and goes over what this class is all about.

Lesson 2: Equipment (Duration 12:30)

There are many considerations to take into account in this type of shoot. Tim goes over the equipment he is using and why, and introduces Scott Kelby who will join him on the shoot.

Lesson 3: Camera Position (Duration 07:11)

Choosing your camera position is the first, and possibly most important, decision you will make. All other decisions fall out from there.

Lesson 4: Location (Duration 02:55)

You don't need a traditional photographic studio to shoot car interiors if you have the right approach.

Lesson 5: Positioning the First Light (Duration 04:31)

The placement of this light will provide the foundation to start building up the lighting for the shoot.

Lesson 6: Taking Test Shots (Duration 08:40)

You want to evaluate your lighting by taking test shots and adjusting accordingly. Tim and Scott discuss the differences between shooting tethered or just using the LCD on the back of the camera. Once you have placed the light you can relax and focus on composition.

Lesson 7: Placing a Second Light (Duration 11:49)

The goal of this second light is to add a bit of fill light to the main light inside the car.

Lesson 8: Placing a Third Light (Duration 10:03)

The third light is just to add in a little more light in a few problem areas.

Lesson 9: Engine Shot (Duration 14:35)

Commercially, the engine is included as part of shooting the interior. Photographing the engine brings a new set of challenges, which will vary widely based on the engine you are photographing.

Lesson 10: Image Review: Part 1 (Duration 11:30)

Tim and Scott sit down with all of the photos from the shoot and discuss what works and what doesn't.

Lesson 11: Image Review: Part 2 (Duration 13:47)

Tim and Scott finish reviewing the shots and wrap up the class with some stories for how to move forward.

Meet Your Instructor: Tim Wallace

Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. An award winning photographer his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Tim works internationally…


  1. Brilliant! Very inspiring and I think the inclusion of Scott Kelby as the student was a stroke of genius. We all know Scott is no slouch when it comes to photography, but seeing how much more Tim knows about his craft put everything in perspective. I actually want to try shooting cars now and I didn't before. Thanks guys.

  2. Awesome course! Never will I ogle beautiful cars the same after seeing this! And the cool thing is that most of us can at the very least try out some of these techniques on our own cars to see what we can do. Awesome!

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when you watch and learn from Tim, you're learning from the Master. His creativeness, knowledge and passion inspires me to continue my journey in achieving the highest level with my photography. Thank you TIm Wallace and Kelby Media for us.

  4. Fantastic! I'd stumbled upon Tim's work when looking at some Aston Martin images and it lead me to sign up with Kelby Training to learn how the images were created. Tim's instruction is so easy to understand and just by watching this course so many questions in my mind were answered. Money well spent.

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