Landscape & Travel Photography Series, New Zealand By Trey Ratcliff

1 hr 9 min

Join Trey Ratcliff on location in New Zealand as a virtual participant in his landscape photography workshop. From sunrise to sunset, visiting streams, lakes, mountains, and hills, Trey takes you from one incredible setting to the next, all the while sharing his tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing breathtaking landscapes and high dynamic range photos.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Trey introduces the class on location with a briefing on basic camera settings to get you started.
Trey does a live demo with the fire dancers while talking through all of the steps he takes to create the final HDR shot.
Some people have a natural ability to create strong compositions. The rest of us have to work at it. Trey describes a process for how to improve your photographic compositions over time.
While on a sunrise shoot Trey talks through choices on lenses and camera settings to consider, and then begins to discuss his process for making selections during post-processing.
Trey gives his workshop participants a challenge to get the best possible shot of a bridge, then talks through the possibilities to consider as an exercise to help you challenge yourself with self-assignments.
When you have the luxury of spending time on location you can explore all angles and expand the possibilities of what you can capture.
On location at an incredibly unique art installation Trey talks through his approach to shooting HDR in this situation.
Trey provides tips for shooting reflections, streams, and dealing with lens flare when shooting into the sun.
There are a number of elements to consider including in your landscape photos to increase impact and visual interest.
With a visit to a few more incredible locations Trey closes out the class by sharing more of his process for how he thinks about each shoot and the steps he takes to create the images he envisions in his minds eye.
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    Great class. Liked the concept with other people learning in the video along with Trey. A lot of small tips that makes you go Ahh , never tought about that. Well done. Would loved if it was attached what camera he uses, and what lenses. Some where mentioned in the video, but not all.

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