Perfecting the Shot: Photographing Babies & Toddlers, with Tamara Lackey

Discover useful tips and techniques to help capture all those perfectly cute moments.

Portrait photography with babies and toddlers might be one of the most challenging subjects you’ll ever face. Capturing cute expressions or perfect poses requires just the right balance of patience and persistence. Leading lifestyle and portrait photographer, Tamara Lackey walks you through easy, but useful tips on how to catch those “keeper” shots. You’ll follow Tamara, along with two different families in multiple locations, as she teaches her time-tested techniques that are sure to help you respond to shifting moods, feelings and expressions from your smallest of subjects.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 02:35)

Join Tamara as she introduces the course and goes over the material that will be covered.

Lesson 2: Choosing Clothing (Duration 08:11)

The clothing helps set the mood of the shoot, so taking the time to select clothing that coordinates well between subjects takes the final shots to the next level.

Lesson 3: Setting Up the Room (Duration 02:56)

Arranging the room to fit your shoot is a good thing to do while the subjects are getting ready.

Lesson 4: Scouting Outdoor Locations (Duration 03:49)

The second location for this family will be outdoors, so Tamara scouts the location to look for the best spot and consider the lighting.

Lesson 5: Bedroom Shoot: Part 1 (Duration 12:05)

With the bedroom set up and the subjects dressed it is time for the cozy bedroom shoot.

Lesson 6: Bedroom Shoot: Part 2 (Duration 03:48)

After a change of clothing and family grouping it is time for a few different poses.

Lesson 7: Bedroom Shoot: Part 3 (Duration 08:30)

Having a variety of views of the same subject gives you more to choose from in your final shots.

Lesson 8: Outdoor Shoot (Duration 09:47)

After a short break for the baby, Tamara has moved the family outside by the pool.

Lesson 9: Lily: Part 1 (Duration 06:55)

A new family brings a change of location and a new approach that starts with getting warmed up with the new subject.

Lesson 10: Lily: Part 2 (Duration 10:23)

With our subject a bit more engaged in the process it was time for a change of clothing and location.

Lesson 11: Lily: Part 3 (Duration 05:17)

The next location goes out onto the street in front of the house where we have more room to move.

Lesson 12: Lily: Part 4 (Duration 07:58)

An outfit change accompanies a change in location to wrap up the shoot.

Meet Your Instructor: Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey is a renowned portrait photographer and Nikon USA Ambassador whose lifestyle photography, from children’s portraits to celebrity portraits, has appeared in dozens of media outlets, including O -…


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