Winter Sports Photography By Tom Bol

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Be prepared to see some amazing shots and learn some techniques for capturing winter activities in your neck of the woods. Includes a special bonus class.

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Tom Bol introduces you to the course and to David, a Copper Mountain employee, to go over the ski resort's facilities.
The extreme temperature and wet snow of winter can take a toll on your gear. Plus, getting your gear up a mountain on a ski lift can be tricky. Tom gives you some great tips and goes over the gear he uses when shooting in the snow.
One of the toughest challenges of winter sports is the fact that snow acts as a giant white reflector in a giant white environment.
Tom adds some fill light with a soft box to get a more dramatic look to his portraits in the bright sunlight.
You only get one chance to get an action shot on a pristine powder surface before having to change the angle.
Tom freezes the action and catches the sun with a wide angle, Radio Poppers, high-speed sync and a fast shutter speed.
It's great if your subject knows the terrain. Eddie (the snowboarder) shows Tom a little cliff with a great background - Perfect for action shots with a quick turnaround time.
As the light changes and the snow begins to fall, Tom switches to one strobe and one chance per pass to catch the big air shot.
Day 3 brings beautiful blue skies - Perfect for some fast action shots to make a photo sequence composite.
Tom uses high-speed sync to get a great shot that also catches the sun without ghosting the image.
Get a quick overview of the Woodward Training Facility - The world's first indoor ski and snowboard training camp at Copper Mountain.
Inside the Woodward Training Facility, Tom Bol goes over POV (Point of View) photography equipment and shows you some things you can do with it.
As a special bonus, Tom Bol shows you how he made the composites featured in Lesson 9.
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Creative. Outgoing. Detailed. Funny. This is how clients describe Tom and his crew. His career began with a journalism degree and wanderlust. It continues with portraits, edgy light and restless creative energy. He often logs over 20,000 road trip miles a year creating images. Not to mention airplanes. He loves espresso, grunge bands and ...

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    Love it! Thanks.

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    Great explanation of the techniques used as well as the how and why of the equipment. Tom Bol is a badass.

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