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Become a master of time! Join Tom Bol as he teaches you everything you need to know to get started creating stunning time lapse videos. Tom starts by introducing you to the core gear and the foundational information you’ll need to make your first time lapse. From there he steadily walks you through increasingly more challenging time lapse scenarios that culminates with the holy grail of time lapse; a shoot that spans the changing light levels from day to night.

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Join Tom on location as he goes over the material that will be covered in this class.
Learn about the core set of gear needed to create a time lapse.
There are a number of values to take into consideration for determining the interval between exposures.
Once you know your duration and interval you can configure the intervalometer that will control the camera.
Learning how to determine the interval needed to get the results you want will require a bit of experimentation. Keep in mind that a slower shutter speed creates a smoother transition between frames.
There are a number of programs you can use to assemble your time lapse. Tom shows you how to use the inexpensive QuickTime Pro.
A very popular type of time lapse is one that shows behind the scenes of a photo shoot.
There is a third-party plug-in for Lightroom called LRTimelapse that allows you to render the time lapse movie with Lightroom.
The next step in the process is editing the key frames back in Lightroom.
The final step in the process is the actual rendering of the video file.
A rail system allows you to add an entirely new axis of motion to your time lapse.
Creating a time lapse at night is very similar to creating one during the day, but there are a few differences to be aware of before you start.
One of the most challenging types of time lapse is one that spans a wide range of exposure values, such as going from day to night.
Now that you have the sequence of images you can bring them into LRTimelapse and it will blend the bumps in exposure for a smooth final result.
The second part of the process is to deal with color issues before rendering the video.
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Creative. Outgoing. Detailed. Funny. This is how clients describe Tom and his crew. His career began with a journalism degree and wanderlust. It continues with portraits, edgy light and restless creative energy. He often logs over 20,000 road trip miles a year creating images. Not to mention airplanes. He loves espresso, grunge bands and ...

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  1. Profile photo of Michael Battista Michael Battista

    I enjoyed the tutorial very much
    I purchased LRT but not able to find product key
    can you help?

  2. Profile photo of Cesar Cortez Cesar Cortez

    At : 1:14 in lessonn 9, you said : “When you install LR Time Lapse” … Where do you install it? in a specific drive?
    When I click on “Filters off” in Lightroom I’m unable to see “LRT-All Key Frames” … why?

    Thank you for your help!


  3. Profile photo of Bill Bill

    I am having a problem with Lesson 15. The audio keeps cutting in and out, especially in the last half of the class. Anyone else having this problem?

  4. Profile photo of Timothy Hunter Timothy Hunter

    I’m wondering what kind of rail system was used?

  5. Profile photo of sedatonat sedatonat


  6. Profile photo of charvie charvie

    It would be great to have a document file that could be downloaded with the formulae as well as the time suggestions. Enjoyed the video. Any discount codes for buying the LRTimelapse?

  7. Profile photo of ianjohn ianjohn

    I’ve been a subscriber to Kelby for the past couple of years and had access to a number of courses. How come I cant view the courses as I used to. Have you changed the way you do business? What does my annual subscription entitle me to now?

  8. Profile photo of Artaxerxes Artaxerxes


    I enjoyed the class. I have shot some TL videos and was experiencing the flicker problem. I know how to address that now with your expertise! My star TLs were decent. It was the daytime ones that gave the flicker problems. Of course, I was shooting wide open at night.

    The entire presentation was beneficial and look forward to more of your videos.

    LRTimelapse Pro is a little expensive! -so QT Pro for me right now.

  9. Profile photo of TomLNilsenPhotography TomLNilsenPhotography

    I’ve been shooting a couple of timelapse-videos. I’ve done my post work in Lr5 and I’m trying to put them together in Pscs6. It works fine and I can add music – no problem, but with only one set of files. I’ve been trying for about an hour or two now, but I can’t figure out how to do it. I simply don’t understand how to merge my videos together. When I add my second set of pictures, it add it self as a single foto, and not a set. I’ve changed number on the files, giving them new names. I’ve tried to add new media, a second video group. But, nothing works out. I just dont know what to do. So, can you please help me. Maybe do a video on this problem? Thanks anyway! Tom L. Nilsen

  10. Profile photo of Philip Bach Philip Bach

    Thanks. Very helpful since I have never done time lapse before. Now I just will need to get out there and do it.

  11. Profile photo of raymeade66 raymeade66

    Great class. Just what I was looking for.Presently taking time lapse of flowers blooming, now I know how to process for time lapse video.


  12. Profile photo of BBurns BBurns

    This is just what I was looking for. Perfect timing!

  13. Profile photo of Christopher Christopher

    Looking forward to this! Cheers!

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