Photoshop for Printing, with Taz Tally

Tools and techniques for creating dependable, high quality, print images.

Tools and techniques for creating dependable, high quality, print images.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:07)

This course will cover commercial and other high quality printing

Lesson 2: Print Image Fundamentals (Duration 09:51)

Setting up Photoshop for printing

Lesson 3: Adjusting Image Resolution and Dimension (Duration 12:05)

Image previews and accessing your images in Bridge

Lesson 4: Layers and File Management (Duration 03:46)

How to handle the images you are collecting and outputting

Lesson 5: Setting Type in Photoshop (Duration 06:04)

Working with and setting type for output

Lesson 6: Sharpening for Prepress, Part 1 (Duration 08:12)

Using the Unsharp Mask

Lesson 7: Sharpening for Prepress, Part 2 (Duration 06:30)

Using Smart Sharpen

Lesson 8: Sharpening, Part 3 (Duration 03:46)

Sharpening using the LAB color mode option

Lesson 9: Simplifying Images (Duration 05:39)

There are many options when it comes to choosing image formats

Lesson 10: File Formats for Printing (Duration 10:00)

Choosing the correct format for your printing

Lesson 11: Grayscale Images (Duration 13:50)

Adjusting highlights and shadows

Lesson 12: Sharpening Grayscale Images (Duration 07:08)

Using some of the new sharpening tools in Photoshop CS3

Lesson 13: Saving with Dot Gain Adjustments (Duration 04:44)

Saving the adjusted grayscale image for prepress

Lesson 14: Target-Based Corrections (Duration 08:16)

Using a multi-step grayscale target to correct images

Lesson 15: Color to Grayscale (Duration 10:58)

Starting with color, converting to grayscale, and printing in grayscale

Lesson 16: The Four Cs of Working with Color (Duration 11:02)

Understanding calibration, color space, color gamut, and color profile

Lesson 17: Color Correction (Duration 14:45)

Snow images are a great way to learn color correction

Lesson 18: Target-Based Color Correction (Duration 07:09)

Using a 10-step target for color correction

Lesson 19: Configuring Color Settings, Part 1 (Duration 07:13)

Going from RGB to CMYK color

Lesson 20: Configuring Color Settings, Part 2 (Duration 11:50)

Creating and using a custom CMYK profile

Lesson 21: Proofing Your Images (Duration 06:49)

Some images see a signifigant change when moving from RGB to CMYK

Lesson 22: RBG to CMYK Conversion (Duration 04:47)

There are a couple of ways to make the conversion

Lesson 23: Printing with Profiles (Duration 08:39)

Taking an RBG image out to your inkjet printer

Lesson 24: Building and Assigning Colors (Duration 08:21)

Building process colors: rich blacks

Lesson 25: Assigning and Separating Spot Colors (Duration 13:07)

How to use these commercial printing color types

Lesson 26: Creating Dynamic Duotones (Duration 08:44)

Exploring the uses of multi-tonal images

Lesson 27: File Formats Finale (Duration 05:50)

PSD vs TIFF vs PDF vs EPS?

Lesson 28: Automating Your Photoshop Chores (Duration 10:21)

Using actions to speed up your workflow

Lesson 29: Conclusion (Duration 00:18)

Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the course

Meet Your Instructor: Taz Tally

Dr. Taz Tally is President of Taz Tally Seminars, a computer publishing, consulting, and training company. Taz is the author of numerous books including his most recent book Acrobat and…

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