Photoshop for Printing By Taz Tally

3 hr 50 min
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Tools and techniques for creating dependable, high quality, print images.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

This course will cover commercial and other high quality printing
Setting up Photoshop for printing
Image previews and accessing your images in Bridge
How to handle the images you are collecting and outputting
Working with and setting type for output
Sharpening using the LAB color mode option
There are many options when it comes to choosing image formats
Choosing the correct format for your printing
Adjusting highlights and shadows
Using some of the new sharpening tools in Photoshop CS3
Saving the adjusted grayscale image for prepress
Using a multi-step grayscale target to correct images
Starting with color, converting to grayscale, and printing in grayscale
Understanding calibration, color space, color gamut, and color profile
Snow images are a great way to learn color correction
Using a 10-step target for color correction
Creating and using a custom CMYK profile
Some images see a signifigant change when moving from RGB to CMYK
There are a couple of ways to make the conversion
Taking an RBG image out to your inkjet printer
Building process colors: rich blacks
How to use these commercial printing color types
Exploring the uses of multi-tonal images
PSD vs TIFF vs PDF vs EPS?
Using actions to speed up your workflow
Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the course
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