Creating a Color Managed Friendly Workflow By Eddie Tapp

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From the original capture to the final output, getting predictable results is the sign of a true professional. Let Eddie guide you through simple steps for obtaining consistent, professional results in your digital workflow. You will learn techniques for color management whether you do your own printing or use a professional lab.

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A Color Managed Friendly Workflow.
What level of CM you might consider.
Discussion of the most important element you must mandate in your workflow for successful CM.
The 3 Stages of a digital workflow, tips and details of how to make create a color managed friendly workflow.
Covering the 5 ways you obtain predictable results your workflow.
Stage 1 of a CM Workflow, Find the settings that work best for you in the Color Setting dialog.
Stage 2 of a CM Workflow, perhaps the most important aspect of CM.
Stage 3 of a CM Workflow, converting your color space profile for output.
What the difference is and when you might do both.
Using the Proof View features.
Creating a CMYK setup that works when you don't have an ICC Profile.
Specialized grayscale conversion using a color space profile.
lTechniques for output sharpening.
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Eddie Tapp is an award-winning photographer, lecturer, consultant and author on digital imaging issues. As an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of experience in computer technology. Eddie has been actively involved in educating and consulting with corporations, studios, and agencies in the applications of digital imaging wo...

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    The information in this video is valuable, but it is difficult to get through because of the way it is presented. It would be wonderful if this was redone in a more lively, up-to-date way.

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      Totally Agree! Reading notes on camera… Come on! I never saw that on

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    Instructor is reading to much his notes which makes it a not pleasant course.

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