Professional Scanning Secrets By Taz Tally

2 hr 20 min

Scanning techniques and Tips for high quality scans

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Introduction to the lost art of scanning. Why scanning is important.
Cleanliness is next to godliness, and here's why!
How to install and setup your scanner and software to achieve the good scanning and editing controls
Proper image evaluation leads to the best scan results
Know how to release the power of your scanner by learning its software, and what software features to look for when you purchase your scanner
How to effectively capture simple high quality line art
Learn how to create high quality scalable and editable vector line art from pixel-based scans
Capturing and vectorizing of low quality line art
Scanning complext line art to capture the most detail
Editing your complex line art to achieve just the look you want
A calibration primer: Why you need and want to do this.
Adjusting your scanner to accurately capture grayscale images
How to accurately reproduce the tonal values in your grayscale images using histograms and curves
Preping and packaging your grayscale properly: Scaling, Resolution, file formats and naming
Apply the finishing touch to your grayscale image by sharpening them correctly
The fundamentals of color images, and did you know you NEVER actually capture color images!
Why Color callibration is really just grayscale calibration X3
How to linearize and neutralize your Color scanner
Beyond calibration, creating a color profile for your scanner
Using histograms and curves to accurately capture Color: Hunting for and capturing neutrals, highlights, midtones, shadows and skin tones while doing Color by numbers.
Controling scaling, resolution, capture bitdepth, file formats and naming
The challenges and opportunities of sharpening Color images
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Dr. Taz Tally is President of Taz Tally Seminars, a computer publishing, consulting, and training company. Taz is the author of numerous books including his most recent book Acrobat and PDF Solutions, as well as Electronic Publishing: Avoiding The Output Blues a textbook on electronic publishing fundamentals and Postscript file preparatio...

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