Elements 8 for Digital Photographers, with Lesa Snider

Lesa Snider guides you through everything you need to know about editing non-destructively in the new Elements 8.

Lesa Snider guides you through everything you need to know about editing non-destructively in the new Elements 8. Learn practical editing techniques, how to adjust images in Camera Raw and Elements' QuickEdit mode, and three ways to use Levels in Full Edit mode. Discover how to make your prints look their very best!

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:57)

Instructor Lesa Snider introduces herself and explains what she will cover in the course

Lesson 2: Fixing Images in Adobe Camera Raw, Part 1 (Duration 04:36)

Using Camera Raw to adjust the color and tonal values of your images

Lesson 3: Fixing Images in Adobe Camera Raw, Part 2 (Duration 08:56)

Continue learning about the tools inside of Camera Raw

Lesson 4: Cropping Images (Duration 07:21)

Cropping images in Camera Raw and Elements

Lesson 5: Fixing Images in QuickEdit Mode (Duration 08:28)

Make quick corrections to your image

Lesson 6: Fixing Color Using Levels, Part 1 (Duration 08:59)

Correct the lighting in your images using levels

Lesson 7: Fixing Color Using Levels, Part 2 (Duration 08:48)

Using the levels eye droppers to correct color and lighting

Lesson 8: Zapping Blemishes (Duration 07:00)

Use the spot healing brush to get rid of blemishes, moles, etc

Lesson 9: Zapping Dark Circles (bags) (Duration 05:16)

Liven up your subject by getting rid of the dark areas under their eyes

Lesson 10: Reducing Shiny and Shadowy Areas (Duration 10:10)

Use the clone stamp tool to fix hot spots

Lesson 11: Whitening Teeth and Eyes (Duration 07:10)

Whitening teeth and eyes in quick edit mode

Lesson 12: Retouching Using the Smart Brush (Duration 09:52)

The smart brush combines the power of a selection brush with adjustment layers

Lesson 13: Retouching Using the Detail Smart Brush (Duration 07:54)

The detailed smart brush can be used to add lipstick, tanning, and whitening teeth

Lesson 14: Fixing Red-Eye and Animal White-Eye (Duration 08:11)

Learn how to fix both red eye and white eye in your subjects

Lesson 15: Selective Darkening and Lightening (Duration 07:54)

Using an adjustment layer to add softening and lightening

Lesson 16: Selective Softening and Sharpening (Duration 11:49)

Using the blur filter to soften the image

Lesson 17: Converting Color Images to Beautiful Black and Whites (Duration 06:15)

There are several ways to convert to black and white

Lesson 18: Partial Color Effects (Duration 09:32)

Here are a couple different ways to create this effect

Lesson 19: Creating Sepias and Other Color Tints (Duration 03:59)

Elements makes it very easy to add color tints to your image

Lesson 20: Adding a Darkened Edge Vignette (Duration 03:22)

Darken the edges of your image to draw attention towards the center

Lesson 21: Creative Collages, Part 1 (Duration 12:15)

Combine images in creative ways

Lesson 22: Creative Collages, Part 2 (Duration 08:29)

More inspiration for combining images into collages

Lesson 23: Using Photomerge, Part 1 (Duration 10:31)

Merge several shots into the perfect shot

Lesson 24: Using Photomerge, Part 2 (Duration 04:48)

Using Photomerge scene cleaner

Lesson 25: Resizing Images Using Recompose (Duration 06:50)

Using the new recompose tool to alter the background of your image but not the subjects

Lesson 26: Tips for Getting Perfect Prints Every Time (Duration 13:28)

Tips for preparing your images to print

Meet Your Instructor: Lesa Snider

Lesa Snider, internationally acclaimed author and speaker, is on a mission to teach the world to create better graphics. She’s the author of several books including the best-selling series, Photoshop:…

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