Travel Photography – Post Processing, with Scott Kelby

On the heels of part 1, Shooting Travel Photos Like a Pro, Scott Kelby puts down the camera and teaches you how to bring your travel photos into Lightroom, get them organized, and process everything from the most basic shot and stitching multi-frame panoramas, to blending HDR while moving seamlessly between Lightroom and Photoshop. When the processing is complete you’ll learn how to make slideshows and photo books that your friends and family will absolutely love.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Importing: From a Memory Card (Duration 15:45)

Import the images from your memory card into Lightroom.

Lesson 2: Importing: From Your Hard Drive (Duration 03:34)

Import images into Lightroom that are already on your computer.

Lesson 3: Organizing with Collections (Duration 18:14)

Organizing your images using collections.

Lesson 4: Final Images Preview (Duration 06:19)

Get a look at the final images before we start processing them.

Lesson 5: Essential Edits (Duration 18:19)

Learn the essential Develop module edits.

Lesson 6: Removing Distractions (Duration 07:30)

Edit a simple classic shot in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Lesson 7: Dealing with Challenges (Duration 15:02)

Deal with more challenging images.

Lesson 8: Food Shot Edit (Duration 04:32)

Edit your travel shots of food.

Lesson 9: Bright and Punchy (Duration 04:04)

Make your travel photos more colorful and vibrant.

Lesson 10: Lens Corrections (Duration 10:31)

Fix lens perspective problems.

Lesson 11: Nighttime Photos (Duration 08:05)

Process nighttime photos and create fake panos.

Lesson 12: HDR in Photoshop (Duration 22:21)

Create HDR images using just Photoshop.

Lesson 13: High Contrast Techniques (Duration 05:36)

Bring out detail using high contrast effects.

Lesson 14: Tourists Be Gone (Duration 12:02)

Learn the trick to removing tourists from your shots.

Lesson 15: Finishing Moves (Duration 02:34)

Quick finishing moves for the photos designed to support your slideshow or photo book.

Lesson 16: Retouching People (Duration 08:43)

Edit and retouch shots of people.

Lesson 17: Pano Stitching (Duration 19:48)

Stitch together panoramic images the easy way.

Lesson 18: Slideshow Module (Duration 13:03)

Create a slideshow from your finished images.

Lesson 19: Special Effects (Duration 25:13)

Color balance and special effects.

Lesson 20: Book Module (Duration 18:16)

Create your photo book right inside Lightroom 4.

Lesson 21: Conclusion (Duration 13:09)

Finish up your photo book.

Meet Your Instructor: Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original “Photoshop Guy”, is the Cofounder and CEO of Kelby Media Group, the editor and publisher of Photoshop User…


  1. Thank you Scott... I just have a look at your photobook of Havana, Cuba. Such a great photobook that I wish you will write something on travel photography and how to put them all in a great photobook. And, shebangg... now I can learn all those thing in your travel photography from preparation, what to shoot and how to put them all in a great photobook... A wish comes true... For an enthusiastic amateur like me, this is a great lessons to bring home a great photos from our travel... just can't wait to have another travel in beautiful places and applied what have been learned here...

  2. Scott, I absolutely loved. You're such a good teacher and I learned cool new features. I mostly work in Lightroom 4 (which is outstanding) and you taught me stuff I will use A LOT. Now I need to go to Paris!!! But Paris aside, your course is inspiring as well as informative. Thank you so much Scott. P.S. Your French pronunciation is very cute (I am French Canadian). And yes, you spelled "Versailles" just right.

  3. Great course - but one key question on the method of lightroom collection sets you use here. I find that if I group them the way you did before I've done my post-processing (especially when that includes hopping out to Photoshop or Nik plug-ins) the new Tiff file creasted won't be included in that catalog. It then becomes a huge pain in the rump to track those down, re-stack them, and add them to the catalog. Am I doing something wrong - or how do you deal with that?

  4. Scott, you are the best. Both Paris courses were fantastic, I got more out of these courses than ever before. Got to go, more photos to take! See everyone in Vegas! Doug Nelson, Las Vegas

  5. This is probably the best course i have watched on this website (dont get me wrong, almost every course here is amazing).... Congratulations on that trip Scott, I have been fortunate to travel to Paris twice (and some other beautiful cities), i have learned a lot with all the tips, specially with Lightroom 4 and the book tool. Too bad here in my country (Chile) we do not have the print service....yet. Again.... congratulations for such an amazing site Greetings from Chile Pablo

  6. This Paris courses are just what I needed for my next trip!!! Scott you are such a wonderfull teacher....I am a hole new photographer because all what I have learn here at KelbyTraining. BIG THANKS & KEEP Teaching US!!!

  7. Outstanding! This course made the price of the annual subscription more than worthwhile. This will be a valuable planning tool for my upcoming trip to Central America next year. I do have to say however, the cute "French" accordion tune began to bring back childhood nightmare memories of my parent's obsession with Lawrence Welk. But I guess, "Stairway To Heaven", would not have been appropriate.

  8. Mr. Kelby you're an awsome teacher. Love the whole course., specially the HDR and High Contrast section. Really enjoyed the Paris Tour. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your interest to bring us photographer the best of the best.

  9. This was an awesome course! I've been shooting for about 5 years now and absolutely love watching your tutorials because I always walk away with something new to try and enough inspiration to fill a semi trailer! Thanks Scott and all at Kelby Media. Keep up the great work!

  10. I only watched the course for fun after watching the Shooting Travel course because I don't own Lightroom (ducks and hides) - now I really, really want to buy Lightroom... =:-) Very well done course!

  11. This course is fantastic! Scott Kelby's teaching style makes anything worth watching. The chances of me traveling anytime in the near future are zero, so the subject wasn't high priority for me. However, I watched it because Scott Kelby taught the class. I learned so much and am now very interested. It doesn't just include things about travel. There are great general post processing tips for any photoshop learner. I can't recommend this course enough.

  12. Love the series! One point, I believe DxO also applied noise reduction to the raw file. In the Nighttime Photos section Scott asserted Photoshop and Lightroom were the only programs that did this.

  13. I went to Paris this past April, so I of course thought I was an expert on shooting in Paris. All I can say now is, I wish this video had been available then! This course on Lightroom is especially great, because I can now go through my Paris images and apply what I've learned. Even if you watch this video for Lightroom alone, regardless of travel photography, it is very helpful. In general Scott's style is great. It appears as though he sincerely wants to help you learn! All-in-all this post production tutorial AND the accompanying travel tutorial are both first rate, viewed together or separately.

  14. Outstanding! This is a great crash course in using Lightroom and Photoshop to quickly enhance photos. The workflow is illustrated, and explanations are clear. Well done.

  15. This was probably the best course I've taken. Has a lot of good information for those traveling and those who are just out for a day in their local area. Well Done.

  16. This course is excellent !! Nice idea put together travel photo and post processing. Scott is a very good teacher. I've learned a lot and I've been training this new features in Lightroom. I'm sure this course will improve my photos.

  17. Fantastic Scott! I went to Paris a year ago and hired a tutor for 4 days and $750 and didn't learn anything like you've just taught me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so willingly.

  18. It's one of the best tutorials. Very instructive and with a lot of advices. Scott have to take a lot of other trips around the world with the camerateam. Scott's voice is very easy to hear and understand for me as a danish customer. Some other instructors could learn from this.

  19. Dear Scott It's my honor to be one your thousands of learners through your brilliant books, your magnificent website and wonderful online courses. Actually most of what I have learned in photography and all of its relatives! are because of you and your respectful colleagues. I like many of your courses but this one was a unique one by its comprehensive coverage of the subject, practicality, step by step education, and as always your simple and friendly kind of speaking. I hope you continue your way because you have had an important imprint in the world of photography (an achieved Darma). Congratulations Regards Hamid Payombarnia

  20. Excellent! I have been using LR3 about an year, and now LR4 for a month (shooting RAW of course). This course really helped me a lot how to use Lightroom4! I really like the relaxed feeling here, don't be afraid of trying and really pushing the sliders (I have been far too mild and scary at it!). Kelby is so easy going and natural, and he really knows what he is doing and talking about. And I enjoyed very much the lightness of it all: it is not so serious stuff (and not difficult either)! It is FUN! :) I really enjoy looking videos, my books often stay in the shelf when I am going to read them a bit "later" and "soon". This is such an easy and fun way to learn!! Thanks so much.

  21. Terrific, I very much enjoyed going through the whole process from what to bring to how to shoot to the editing. I will use this as my primer for reviewing anytime I travel. Well Done. Marq Linden

  22. Thanks for this useful presentation. One question: In part 1 you sugested that the HDR shorts were nominal exposure and +2EV and -2EV. In Part 2 (processing) your shots were -1EV, nominal, and +1EV. My own experience has been that the former (+/-2EV). Can you explain why the differences between parts 1 and 2. Again, thanks for the time and effort in putting this together.

  23. That was a fun and informative course to watch. Very comprehensive insights given in rapid fire manner with no useless filler. Lighthearted, fun mood and humor are icing on the cake. Bravo! Thanks to everyone involved for making this course happen!

  24. What a great learning session. Scott is an absolute joy to learn from. One suggestion: Don't forget the little things. I know things but not all. This is a great way for me to learn and LR is one area I am lacking in. THANKS!!!!

  25. Thanks, Scott. I travel most of the year, and this course has covered every aspect of bringing home the experience with me. I can't even put into words how much I have learned in terms of preparing, conceptualizing and finishing with a bang. Cheers!

  26. Scott, I really enjoyed the Paris series you put together. Following your thought process on photos you took, learning about your camera settings and seeing Paris was great fun. The one big surprise was the post processing series. I had viewed Matt's series on Lightroom 4 a few weeks ago. Watching you use Lr4 and PS to work with your photos brought those programs alive and turned out to be great reinforcement of Matt's series. Thanks for a great series - your enthusiasm is catching!

  27. As I tourist's bus traveler, I did not see you in a hectic time constrain travel schedule. I am saying this because this was your premise at the beginning of the videos. Do not get me wrong 1st class info that I would use regardless of my travel situation in the future.

  28. This was honestly one of the best training sessions I have ever taken, including some of the live seminars! I love how Scott took the time to show the various techniques even if it might have seemed 'long' or too slow. Really enjoyed the HDR/fake HDR/preset section. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I would like to see a class dedicated to those techniques; I hadn't thought to look for one, but now I will look through the courses to see if you've already done one. If not, just a thought, because it would be rewarding to know how to achieve that super-crisp, saturated look that does not look "HDR'ed". And how to make our own presets (though I have to admit that having tried the HDR in PS-CS6, the Scott5 was the only one I liked--even before I watched this video!) Thanks again for a super class!

  29. Scott's classes are really amazing and inspiring! I struggled using Photoshop and Lightroom with my images because I was very lost when I first started and stopped when I couldn't get things right. But, after Scott's courses they aren't that scary anymore. Hope to see more videos from Scott. Thanks!

  30. Hi, when organizing the catalog, I would suggest for panos, HDR's and so, instead of using new collections, I think keywords makes a lot more sense, you can just filter them from any other collection (All, Picks, Selects...), also you can see ALL of them if you want, filtering from your full catalog. I think collections are great, but you should also talk about Keywords, they have their job :)

  31. I have viewed this course repeatedly and treat it as The Source. The combination of photography, workflow, organizing, editing, and "productizing" in the wild are invaluable and have contributed to my learning significantly. The subject (paris) is very easy on the eyes, but the big piece I took away and I am not sure this was intentional was: how to keep your head on your shoulders when everything you see is novelty and come back to composition and gesture fundamentals. Thanks this training is a treasure!

  32. I have watched this course before and I have been using Lightroom for a long time, but watching it a second time was just as good as the first. It's always good to be reminded of the basics and this course is phenomenal as walking through the develop process and just how simple it can be.

  33. I have just finished the Travel course and I have to say I found it Fantastic, Everything was explained in a way that I found both entertaining and informative, and of course it is always a pleasure watching and listening to Scott who I believe to be a master teacher. I cannot wait to delve into some more, Thank you.

  34. Wow, what an awesome class. Scott's style of communicating is easy to understand and his step-by-step instructions are engaging. This is a wonderful course for photographers who like to travel and want to capture their experience and also for those who want to learn Lightroom 4 skills that will them to troubleshoot their photos. Parts one and two make a terrific class! Video training at its best.

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