The Essentials of Typography By Scott Kelby

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This class is designed to help make everything you do using type look more professional by taking you through the most important typography rules, and teaching you the shortcuts, techniques and how to work with type in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator (which thankfully all pretty much share the same shortcuts), so everything you do with type looks even better.

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Creating professional-looking type starts with the spacing between letters.
Controlling the space between two letters.
Adjusting the space between the lines of type.
Use the paragraph panel to control the alignment of your text.
Some rules on when and how to use them.
A very important typography element to use with quotations.
This old habit is outdated and must be corrected.
These single characters are provided by the type designer to replace two letters that do not space correctly.
Use super-scripting to add trademark and copyright symbols.
Inch and foot marks are for use when typing out lengths. Small caps are great for times.
Don挞夆聣恽t ruin your script font by using all caps.
Use these when adding emphasis to your type.
Introducing a new symbol and rules for using call caps.
Never try to line up your text using the space bar.
Rules for when you are using two different fonts.
Here are some useful tips for picking which font to use in your design.
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Scott is the President of KelbyOne, an online educational community for photographers, Photoshop and Lightroom users. He's editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, Editor of "Lightroom magazine"; Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference & Expo, and the author of a string of bestselling Photoshop, Lightroom...

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  1. Profile photo of D. Lee Owen D. Lee Owen

    Thanks for a fun class. I did know some of this (via my desktop publishing at work a long time ago), but a lot was an eye opener. Typewriter habits for sure.

  2. Profile photo of danieljonathan79 danieljonathan79

    I watched this three months ago, but I keep coming back to relearn the parts I forget. Thanks for a great course. Would love to see an advanced class.

  3. Profile photo of SherriReed SherriReed

    when I highlight just the text layer I do not have the option to justify the last line. Any help?

  4. Profile photo of Chip0797 Chip0797

    Thank You Scott I am a massive fan of your school and also of your photography work. Scott you are a creative genius and I have learned so much from Kelby training it really has put new perspective in to my life thank you so much to you all for sharing and the hard work you put in.

    Many Regards Chip

  5. Profile photo of Bob Jenkin Bob Jenkin

    This was a great course. I have always trembled whenever I have had to use text in PS but this has been a huge help. Thanks again.

  6. Profile photo of ElizabethL ElizabethL

    Very useful course with all the basic essentials. Easy to understand and packed full of examples.

  7. Profile photo of Ralph Ralph

    Scott, this course is a gem!

  8. Profile photo of David Woolf David Woolf

    Good quick intro to typography, but you’ve got a whopper in Lesson 14. The type character to show an unfinished thought or intentional omission is the ellipsis. An ellipse is a geometric figure, known to most of us as a squished circle or an oval and has no connection with the ellipsis.

    Thanks for the wonderful offerings at KelbyOne.

  9. Profile photo of Jack Jack

    I have always struggled with type in Photoshop and find that this instructional has provided a wide array of useful tips. It is particularly helpful and timely now that many of us are creating photo books. Scott, as always, proves himself to be a top notch instructor.

    Thank you.

  10. Profile photo of Theresa Szabo Theresa Szabo

    Although this course is described as a beginner course I found it to be a great refresher training tool in typography. Great lesson Scott!

  11. Profile photo of Peter Peter

    I have done classes and read books on this subject but this beats all. So much useful info in a short time. Thanks, Kelby one. .

  12. Profile photo of Jens Thorsen Jens Thorsen

    Brilliant course, will there be more? Please say yes :)

  13. Profile photo of ken_tucker ken_tucker

    Scott, I would just like to say that the new format for K1 is phenomenal. Bringing everything together was absolutely brilliant and has course study and application, along with a closer look into the photoshop community, has become a part of my daily activities. I even find myself watching classes I might now have had interest in before. Thank you so much for providing such a great forum for creatives.

  14. Profile photo of Peter Blyth Peter Blyth

    Woohoo, Christmas has come early! I have been hoping and waiting years for Scott to make this course. Each segment is packed with useful tips, techniques and finishing touches. My type has just gone up several notches. I hope Scott will also do an advanced course. Gotta go – gotta kern!

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