Organizing and Sharing Your Photographs with Photoshop Elements 4 By Matt Kloskowski

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Getting your photos organized can be one of the most important steps in digital photography. Once you have them organized, sharing them with family and friends is just as important. Photoshop Elements guru Matt Kloskowski shows you everything about organizing your photos and sharing them in interesting and creative ways.

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The basic things that we need to get started and we take a quick tour of the Organizer.
How to get photos that are already on your computer into the Organizer.
How to get new photos from your camera or card reader onto your computer and into the Organizer\ using the Photoshop Elements Photo Downloader.
We're going to see how we can start reviewing our photos after down loading them into the Organizer.
Let's dive into the customizing features you have available for the Organizer by taking a closer look at Organizer preferences.
Viewing photos in full screen mode so we can really get a close look at them. It's also a great way to perform some quick actions on your photos.
Elements sorts your photos by date and time automatically and there are a few ways in which you can view them to find your photos more easily.
Stacks are great way to organize some of your photos that look the same, and make your photo browser less cluttered.
Now we get into the nuts and bolts of organizing your photos by looking at Tags. This is one of the most powerful ways of organizing your photos inside of Photoshop Elements.
Today we'll look at even more tagging features inside of the organizer.
Since people are the number one way that we search for photos, this feature really helps save a lot of time.
Use Collections to organize photos inside of Elements.
We don't have to go into Edit mode to fix our photos.
One of the most popular ways for people to share their photos is through email. Today, we'll look at how easy Elements makes it for us to include photos into a themed email.
Another very popular way to share your photos with other people on the web.
Create a slideshow, which is another creative and interesting way to show photos off to family or friends.
Another creative way to show and share photos is using Elements' Photo Greeting Card creation.
If printing your own photos isn't something that you would like to deal with or have the equipment for, then the Order Prints feature may be right up your alley.
In this lesson we're going to See how to make photo album pages as well as a calendar with our photos.
One of the most important things you may learn in this course is backing up your catalog and photos.
A look at one of the other most import ant things you may learn in this course '' restoring the backup of your catalog.
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