Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it, Part 3 By Scott Kelby

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Scott Kelby is back with the third installment of this popular series. In part three, Scott lays out a basic studio set using two different backdrops and a single light source on the subject. He also experiments shooting with a ring flash. During the second half of the course, Scott opens all of the exposures in Lightroom and picks his three favorites for final retouching in Photoshop.

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Scott begins by setting up the background and main light for his fashion shoot
After setting up the background and main light, take some test shots to set a general exposure before the subject even walks onto the set
After the subject is on the set, take an exposure using a grey card for white balancing and start dialing in the lighting
Switching to a seamless paper background and using flats or gator boards to create a new lighting scenario
The subject has changed outfits and Scott changes camera perspective with a step ladder
For this final segment in the studio, Scott uses a ring flash to achieve a popular fashion look
After importing all of the shots into Lightroom, Scott uses the Library module to pick the keepers out of the batch
Start by using the Lightroom develop module to check highlights, adjust white balance, then open up Photoshop to lighten the eyes, highlight the hair and do some dodging and burning
Retouching a second photo from the shoot. Using Photoshop to fix the background, to soften skin, to make body tucks with the liquify tool, and to accentuate the highlights
Working on a third photo from the shoot. Clean up the eyes, soften skin, remove blemishes, sharpen the edges, using all of the tools that have been covered in this course
Scott asked his makeup artist, Shelly Giard, to share some tips about what she uses in a studio environment
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