Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it, Part 2: Beauty Head Shots By Scott Kelby

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Scott Kelby returns for a second installment of his most comprehensive Photo to Photoshop workflow class yet. In part two of this series, Scott takes you from studio set up and shoot, to Lightroom and Photoshop to create a softer, more feminine, beauty head shot.

(View Part 1 here)

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Scott talks about what he will cover in this course and starts setting up the background
Setting up a beauty dish on a boom stand and adding a diffusion sock, plus camera settings
Bringing the subject on to the set and firing off some test shots to check exposure
Shooting with just one light lets you see exactly what that light source is giving you. Use a reflector to soften shadows
Using the tri-light reflector and avoiding highlights
Using Westcott Spiderlites to create an over/under or clamshell setup
Open up Lightroom and sort through the photos from the shoot to choose which ones to work on
After choosing the best of the photos, now it is time to adjust the white balance and darkness levels
Removing blemishes using mostly the clone stamp tool
Removing red lines, whitening, and adding contrast to the eyes of the subject
Add a layer mask and use Gaussian blur to soften skin texture
The liquify brush can be used to manipulate the hair and shoulders and use layer masks and opacity to brush in the changes
After removing ponytail, go back through the whole retouching process one more time, start to finish
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  1. Profile photo of Peter Blyth Peter Blyth

    Woohoo, Christmas has come early! I have been hoping and waiting years for Scott to make this course. Each segment is packed with useful tips, techniques and finishing touches. My type has just gone up several notches. I hope Scott will also do an advanced course. Gotta go – gotta kern!

  2. Profile photo of ken_tucker ken_tucker

    Scott, I would just like to say that the new format for K1 is phenomenal. Bringing everything together was absolutely brilliant and has course study and application, along with a closer look into the photoshop community, has become a part of my daily activities. I even find myself watching classes I might now have had interest in before. Thank you so much for providing such a great forum for creatives.

  3. Profile photo of Jens Thorsen Jens Thorsen

    Brilliant course, will there be more? Please say yes :)

  4. Profile photo of Peter Owens Peter Owens

    I have done classes and read books on this subject but this beats all. So much useful info in a short time. Thanks, Kelby one. .

  5. Profile photo of Theresa Szabo Theresa Szabo

    Although this course is described as a beginner course I found it to be a great refresher training tool in typography. Great lesson Scott!

  6. Profile photo of Jack Jack

    I have always struggled with type in Photoshop and find that this instructional has provided a wide array of useful tips. It is particularly helpful and timely now that many of us are creating photo books. Scott, as always, proves himself to be a top notch instructor.

    Thank you.

  7. Profile photo of David Woolf David Woolf

    Good quick intro to typography, but you’ve got a whopper in Lesson 14. The type character to show an unfinished thought or intentional omission is the ellipsis. An ellipse is a geometric figure, known to most of us as a squished circle or an oval and has no connection with the ellipsis.

    Thanks for the wonderful offerings at KelbyOne.

  8. Profile photo of mazit mazit

    Scott, this course is a gem!

  9. Profile photo of ElizabethL ElizabethL

    Very useful course with all the basic essentials. Easy to understand and packed full of examples.

  10. Profile photo of Bob Jenkin Bob Jenkin

    This was a great course. I have always trembled whenever I have had to use text in PS but this has been a huge help. Thanks again.

  11. Profile photo of Chip0797 Chip0797

    Thank You Scott I am a massive fan of your school and also of your photography work. Scott you are a creative genius and I have learned so much from Kelby training it really has put new perspective in to my life thank you so much to you all for sharing and the hard work you put in.

    Many Regards Chip

  12. Profile photo of SherriReed SherriReed

    when I highlight just the text layer I do not have the option to justify the last line. Any help?