Getting Killer Prints From Your Epson Printer By Scott Kelby

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Printing a quality version of your image takes skill and a lot of photographers don't know where to start. In this course, Scott is joined by Dan Steinhardt from Epson as they discuss everything you need to know to make high quality prints from your favorite images. In the course, you will learn about individual Epson printers, how to pick a paper type that meets your needs, optimizing images for print, sharpening and printing from Photoshop, choosing a color space, making test prints, and much, much more. Follow along with course and you will be producing high quality prints in no time.

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Scott and Dan discuss what they will be covering in this course
Before we get started, a quick word on print heads and the importance of using the ProPhoto RGB color space to retain maximum color information throughout your workflow to get the best possible print result.
Over the next few lessons we are going to take a closer look at the Stylus line of Epson photo printers starting with the Stylus Photo R2880. This model can deliver exhibition quality color prints and black and white prints with relative ease.
Next up is the Stylus Pro 3880. This pro model is quite a jump from the R2880 as it boasts a wider print width of 17 inches, larger ink cartridge capacity, and a maintenance tray for easy cleaning and service.
The Stylus Pro 4880 is definitely for the pro who wants high quality, high volume prints. This workhorse boasts high capacity ink cartridges with pressurized ink, 17-inch wide prints, and material can be roll or sheet fed for longer prints jobs.
With advanced print heads and ink technology including HDR-ultra chrome inks, the Stylus Pro 7900 delivers wide-format prints for pre-press proofing markets.
It is now time to print... almost. Here we are going to start going through the steps to send the image to print. These include checking the color space, bit depth, adjusting resolution if necessary, and finally sharpening the image.
As we continue prepping the image for print it is important to consider the type of paper that is going to be used to help determine the amount of sharpening needed. Also some additional thoughts on adjusting image resolution and sharpening together.
In addition to prepping the file for print it is necessary to prep the printer. Specifically the printer driver that processes the file to a specific media using profiles. Which you can download and install into your system from the Epson website and can
Lets talk paper! There are specific types of paper for specific types of print jobs and choosing the right paper is a very important and emotional decision. Here we discuss some things you should consider when choosing the right paper for your printer.
Over the next two lessons we will talk about printing the image from the Mac platform. We will start by setting up and executing the print from Photoshop in Mac OS covering print size, resolution, sharpening, and screen calibration.
Here are some key points to consider when considering the longevity of your prints. In addition to display location, the type of inks and paper used play a major role in how long a print will last.
Now we will go through the print process on a Windows platform. While there are a lot of similarities to the Mac OS settings, some things may be different or perhaps be located in a different place.
Here is another quick and efficient Photoshop tip for sharpening your images before you send them to print. We will also run through Epson print dialog step-by-step and then send the file to the printer on both Mac and PC platforms.
Having gone through the steps in Photoshop, we will now go through the process of printing inside Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Here Scott and Dan sum up this course by answering a number of the most common file set up and print questions and little tips and tricks to help you get the best print possible.
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    Great information, answered a lot of my questions. Well done

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    So I just popped for an R3880 at the MPEX Expo that ran during that great Worldwide Photowalk. Never have been able to get good prints from any printer. Decided that what-the-heck when all else fails read the directions. I went over your Epson printing course several times, followed the suggestions and… it’s a miracle. Thanks, Scott, this course alone has made my KelbyTraining membership worth the price of admission. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Excellent content in this course. Love Danno’s sense of humor which I think makes this course very easy to watch. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Excellent course. I liked the fact that I found exactly what I was looking for – glicee printing explanation. Since I own one of the older Epsons – it was a good intro to more advanced technology. I don’t think it needs improvement – just inclusion of the newer models as they are created. Thank you. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Scott has a special talent for conveying information to non-technical people. So far, I am really enjoying the course I am going through; however, there is a glitch I would like to draw your attention to. The course is “Getting Killer Prints From Your Epson Printer.” The segment about printer profiles seems to cut off before the episode is done. Thank you. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    You guys ROCK! I’m home 6-8 weeks with a broken foot and in 3 weeks you have shown me SO MUCH! From Scott’s 10 Essential Studio Techniques to Moose’s Romancing the Landscape series. Bill Fortny’s Macro secrets, lighting commercial locations, getting killer prints…Wow! For my money, this is the most effective, comprehensive photography training site on the planet. And “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it live” was incredible. I attended it in L.A. last September with my Ventura College photography intstructor and he was as blown away as I was! We never stop learning and growing, but with Scott and his team of pros, I can do both in my photography in Quantum Leaps. And having the best in the business display their work and then show me how they did it is humbling. I know Scott paid them wads of cash to do these courses (he he) but to give me tips and tricks that might save me years of frustration and crappy images is priceless! Thanks again! Rick Roman aka Supernoob7000 —- Yes, please post my feedback

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