10 Essential Studio Techniques Every Photographer Needs to Know, with Scott Kelby

For all you photographers out there who may have questions about the fundamentals of studio lighting, world-class instructor Scott Kelby is here to break down the basics.

Scott teaches this course using his personal, conversational style of instruction. He goes through a variety of setups and equipment and teaches the whole course from inside a studio, so viewers can watch while Scott demonstrates how to use the equipment he is talking about. He goes over strobes and spider lights, soft boxes, flags, reflectors, beauty dishes and much, much more. Scott’s goal in this course is to teach his viewers about the tools they need to have in the studio, when to use them, and more importantly, how to use them.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 02:03)

Lesson 2: Studio Strobes and Spider Lights (Duration 08:29)

Lesson 3: Soft Boxes (Duration 20:09)

Lesson 4: Hair Lighting (Duration 12:10)

Lesson 5: Lighting Male Subjects (Duration 20:40)

Lesson 6: White Balance, Color Correction, and Tethered Shooting (Duration 11:39)

Lesson 7: Reflectors (Duration 10:42)

Lesson 8: Lighting the Background (Duration 07:26)

Lesson 9: Using a Beauty Dish and Flags (Duration 20:03)

Lesson 10: Post-Production: Male Subject (Duration 08:33)

Lesson 11: Flags and Falloff (Duration 03:50)

Meet Your Instructor: Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original “Photoshop Guy”, is the Cofounder and CEO of Kelby Media Group, the editor and publisher of Photoshop User…


  1. Hi fellows, First, Im very happy with this studio class. Such valuable lessons, indeed! So clear and right to the point. Well, I"m in the process to set up a portrait studio. I pretend to do head and shoulders and entire body for books, fashion and family. My space isnt so big: about 18 feet camera to background, 15 feets width, and 10 feet ceiling. Do you think this configuration below is good to start? - 2 strobes, each 250w - 1 octosoft - 1 strip soft - 1 silver umbrella - 1 5 x 1 reflector Thanks in advance, Pedro Schmitt

  2. I really liked the course, found it very insightful. I have only worked a few times before in a studio. One important thing for me that I would have liked to see is a side shot of the model and the light positioning. Most of the time, the cameraman was standing near the photographer, so I couldn't gauge if the model was standing toward the front end, back end or center of the soft box. I know mr. Kelby said the edges are the softest, but it seemed the model was often in the center. A side shot from time to time would have been very, very helpful. ---- No, I'd keep it between us

  3. Excellent course! Photography is my primary hobby. Currently my investment in creating a home studio far exceeds my skill level. But with courses like this I will be to able to close the skill gap much quicker than watching YouTube videos, surfing the web and buying books on Amazon, all which I have already made significant investment. Too bad I didn't tap into this training class earlier. The next best thing would be to have Scott come to my home and provide personal training and critique....like I could afford that!

  4. On the expense of egg crate grids in Lighting Male Subjects at 7:45. The cost is linked to labor involved in producing them, they are more labor intensive to produce I believe.

  5. Absolutely great!!! Clarifies lots of bits and pieces that I sort of knew about but not so much..... It is very reassuring to see that the pros don't necessarily get it exactly right at the first shot and that tweaking is part of the process whereas I might have projected to my subject that I wasn't sure what I was doing - which at times is correct! Lol- now I'll feel Moore confident about adjusting and experimenting because I can do that with purpose. My only comment on this and other classes is that I would like to see a products used summary like in syl arenas class on speed lites (I think) That would be just so much more efficient than having to search and find and replay Kelbu training was the very best investment in training ever! I still love to go take adorama workshops but between travel gas and parking I have already earned back my investment 10 x over!!!!! Thank you kelby training!!!!

  6. My name is Koti. I watched your videos on Kelby training.I have two elichcrom 500 strobe lights. When I take the full shot for the person, the lights from the knee to feet are coming dark. I need a full light picture. My question is how a full length shot of a person with full lighting comes dark on the picture? How can I adjust the lights to eliminate this problem? Thank you in advance - Koti

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