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Learn how to turn your snapshots into great shots in Photoshop in minutes, actually in about 3 minutes or less! This fast-paced set of lessons is designed for those who want to get great results immediately, without using a stack of adjustment layers and super-sophisticated techniques.

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An introduction to the course from instructor Rick Sammon
Here is a quick and easy method to add a sense of motion to a still image. It is a cool use for the Motion Blur filter.
Got big glass? If not, this technique creates the effect of shooting with a long telephoto lens set at a wide aperture. It is a great effect for wildlife and portraits.
Our eyes see 11 f-stops. Our cameras only see 5-6 f-stops. This lesson demonstrates how to recreate in Photoshop what we see with our eyes.
Sure, IR converted cameras are cool. But here is a quick technique for creating the IR effect in Photoshop.
If you do not have $1,500 to spend on a perspective control (PC) lens, this lesson is for you. Use the Transform tool to correct the keystone effect in seconds.
Love those fisheye shots with a curved horizon line? It is an effect you can easily create in Photoshop, from photos taken with a standard lens.
Have a creative bent? Use Fade Filter to create endless, custom and creative effects with any filter.
Hey, if darkening the edges of an image was good enough for Rembrandt, it is good enough for us Photoshop Users. Check it out!
This artistic effect, created with Polar Coordinates, is a big hit in my seminars and workshop. Works great with flowers.
It is all done with mirrors. Well, except if you use Photoshop to create the magical mirror effect. Create a cool image and reflect on it for a while.
Add pizzazz to an image by creating the in-camera zooming effect. Make your shots jump off the page (or your site) using the Radial Blur filter.
There is no history lesson here, just a quickie on how to use the Art History Brush to turn a picture into a painting.
Better than the South Beach Diet, the Photoshop Diet is free with Photoshop. Take pounds off your subjects with a few clicks of a mouse.
Reducing the color in a scene makes an image more creative because we remove some of the reality. Awaken the artist within with this cool technique.
Don not be so eager to press the delete button on your camera. Here is just one quick example of how to save a shot, especially if it is tilted!
Learn how to use your mouse or stylus to hand-color an image using a Color Layer. Create your own works of art.
Use the History Log, the Notes Tool, and Adjustment Layers for total recall. Never lose track of your adjustments and enhancements again.
Like the Pop Art work of Peter Max? Simulate that look with the Posterize effect and the Liquify filter. Cool man!
Add film grain, darken the edges, and desaturate the high-tech images from your digital camera. Make 'em look as though they were taken with a film camera decades ago.
Okay, so the Shadow/Highlight adjustment is a pretty basic adjustment. Still, it's a power adjustment that can improve your images. Try it, you'll like it.
This is a cool effect that guarantees the motion effect you get with in-camera rear-curtain synch. In-camera, it can be hit or miss.
Take an okay snapshot and transform it into a creative image using the Diffuse Glow filter and artistic brushes. It's another quick and easy idea for creative image-makers.
Add some creative presentation to your photos by adding a frame
Follow along with these steps of a basic photo enhancement using pictures from the Galapagos Islands
Take a tour of the fly-out arrows and explore the other menu options available in Photoshop
Processing RAW files in Photoshop
A quick look at some of the fun you can have with Photoshop's photomerge feature
Don't forget to download the lesson images so that you can practice these techniques
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