On Location Photography, with Rick Sammon

In this video series photographer Rick Sammon goes through some location shoots around the Tampa Bay area

In this video series photographer Rick Sammon goes through some location shoots around the Tampa Bay area.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: What Is In The Bag? (Duration 10:29)

Rick opens up his camera bag and goes through the gear he uses when going out on location to shoot

Lesson 2: Scenic Photography (Duration 03:04)

Be sure to check out all the details at a location so that you capture enough images to tell the whole story

Lesson 3: On Location Portraiture (Duration 06:31)

Take the time to make the picture. An important part of this process is controlling the light with filters and diffusers

Lesson 4: Indoor Low-Light Shooting (Duration 06:15)

Find a good background, set your exposure, boost your exposure, and make sure to keep your subject involved

Lesson 5: Birds in Flight (Duration 02:52)

When shooting a fast-moving subject, shoot with a fast shutter speed in shutter priority mode

Lesson 6: Capturing the Flavor (Duration 02:48)

It's important to keep in mind the difference between what we see and what the camera sees

Lesson 7: Quick Tips (Duration 06:59)

Visit the gift shop and look at postcards, seek out opportunities, and remember: if you don't know, ask someone who does

Lesson 8: Seek Out the Pictures (Duration 02:07)

Get there early, don't make hasty decisions, and take the fun shots

Lesson 9: Single Off-Camera Flash (Duration 05:13)

Set up your lighting ahead of time, and balancing the flash with the available light

Lesson 10: Shooting Action in Low Light (Duration 02:30)

Adjust shutter speed, move the flash, and you can lower the shutter to create an artistic effect

Lesson 11: Before and After (Duration 01:39)

Rick shoots some Flamenco dancers in action and talks about his camera settings after the show

Lesson 12: Animals in Captivity (Duration 05:53)

This is a great time if you have an auto exposure bracketing setting on your camera. Remember to always expose for the highlights

Lesson 13: Action! (Duration 01:24)

You have to be ready for the action. This is especially important when shooting animals

Lesson 14: Patience Pays (Duration 00:50)

It's a good rule of thumb to always be patient, and it's especially important when shooting wildlife

Meet Your Instructor: Rick Sammon

Rick Sammon, a Canon Explorer of Light, has published 36 paper books, including Secrets of HDR Photography, Exploring the Light, and Digital Photography Secrets. Rick also has three apps on…


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