DSLR Video: Planning and Shooting By Richard Harrington

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Join Rich Harrington, motion graphic artist, author, and trainer, on location at Kelby Media Studios as he takes you through every step in the process of creating a video product for a client. Learn everything involved in creating a professional quality video with your DSLR, from the initial client meeting to scouting locations, and from all the essential gear to how to conduct engaging interviews. Each step of the way Rich provides expert insights and killer tips to get you well on your way to adding video story telling to your bag of tricks.

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Join Rich outside the Kelby Media studios as he outlines the content of this class.
Storytelling is at the heart of every good video project, and Rich kicks off the class with a face to face meeting with the client to learn more about what story the client wants the video to tell, and to set expectations for the scope of the project.
With a good understanding of the goals for the project, it is time to scout out potential locations for shooting video and recording audio.
From camera bodies to lights and microphones to lenses, Rich walks you through the essential pieces of gear you'll need to get the job done.
The exposure triangle for shooting video is a little different than when shooting stills. Learn how to control all of the variables to find that sweet spot for the conditions you are working within.
The 3 point lighting technique--back light, key light, and fill light--is standard for shooting video. Watch as Rich builds the lighting from the ground up to show you how it is done.
When it comes to video, audio is half the picture. It is critical to get your audio right as it can have a bigger impact on your audience than the video alone. Rich wraps up this lesson with a short talk on video lighting.
Rich demonstrates how to put all of the components discussed so far into play while walking you from start to finish through recording an interview.
Conducting and shooting a successful interview is a key skill required for telling the story, and no two interviews are the same. Check out the second interview for additional tips and tricks.
B-Roll is the supporting footage that helps to tell the bigger story. In this lesson Rich works with a model to capture a person using the app from a variety of different angles.
Rich teaches you how to deal with the challenges of an outdoor shoot by taking the crew outside for some additional footage.
The product is a key component of the story being told. Getting a variety of visually interesting and diverse shots of the product are important elements for the final assembled video.
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Richard Harrington is a certified Project Management Professional, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and After Effects, and Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Aperture. His visual communications company, RHED Pixel, creates motion graphics and produces video and multimedia projects....

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    Excellent insight, MORE!!!!

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    Solid instructional video. You kept the pace moving and kept it interesting with good techniques. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Really liked this course. Would love to see the finished video!

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    Great video.. was very informative, loved the pace, hope to see more training videos on “video”. Would like to see videos on filming a commercial, some DIY tutorials for those who can’t afford the expensive video equipment, etc… —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    I am watching the first course and I really enjoying the Online Training for people like me. Thanks. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Good course, but am looking for something a bit simpler. Have a Nikon D7000. Would be nice to have a course on a basic run through on how to set the camera (and lenses) up, explanation of video terminology, what features to use/not to use for given situations, and how to get the most out of the video features of the camera. And without a lot of additional gear. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Excelent course… very well done, simple and informative. Thank you very much I did learn a lot. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Excellent course Richard! Loved the start to finish approach and the helpful tips such as moving your body instead of entire hand and the 180 degree rule! I’m inspired to go out and shoot some video now! —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Nice. Very well done and informative. I’m looking forward to part two. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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