Video Production: Final Cut Pro to Premiere By Richard Harrington

42 min

Considering making the switch from your current video editing software to Adobe Premiere Pro? Sit down with Rich Harrington, an expert in motion graphics, and learn everything you need to know to start a seamless migration to your new video editing platform so you can hit the ground running.

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Join Rich as he discusses the reasons why you might be making the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro.
Premiere Pro is available in a number of different configurations. Learn which configuration is best for your needs.
There are a number of different options to consider when starting a new project.
If you are coming to Premiere Pro from another editing tool you might want to take the time to customize Premiere to make it feel more familiar.
Premiere works with native media formats (no transcoding required), and it helps to understand how this process works.
If you are familiar with the video editing process this quick overview should help you get oriented quickly.
Premiere Pro is fully compatible with Avid and Final Cut Pro, so there's no need to worry about what will happen to your legacy projects created in other editing software.
Exporting is a piece of cake with Adobe Media Encoder.
Rich wraps up the class with a look at how Premiere Pro fits into the big picture and where to find additional training resources.
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Richard Harrington


Richard Harrington is a certified Project Management Professional, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and After Effects, and Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Aperture. His visual communications company, RHED Pixel, creates motion graphics and produces video and multimedia projects....

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  1. Profile photo of John Williams John Williams

    Thanks Rich and Kelbyone. With a company move to Adobe CC I was planing on making the switch to Premiere from FCP and now I can do it with confidence. And do it without having to ever make the switch to FCP X.

  2. Profile photo of Ross Ross

    Exactly what I was looking for. I’ve become very tired of the slowness of FCP X and as I bought the Creative Suite have been hesitant to move to Premiere Pro because of a perceived steep learning curve. Rich shows that Premiere Pro is much more like the old FCP than the new one is and the ability to work without all the transcoding will speed my workflow significantly. I also note that the drivers are more up to date for my Matrox card and Premiere Pro so I get more value there. I learned FCP from Rich Harrington and if he believes that Premiere Pro would be a better choice and can make it as simple to use as this course shows, I’m in. Thanks Rich! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of PowersTx PowersTx

    What I have seen of the course is great, I do have a question..
    In the course Mr. Harrington refers to course samples in the workflow section, but I do not see them available to download. Are they available? —- Yes, please post my feedback

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